What Exactly Was Written On Rachel’s 18 Pages Letter To Ross?


The fans have been divided about Rachel and Ross’s situation about whether they were on a break or not. Ironically, The phrase was first coined by Rachel Green in, The One With The Morning After, S3E16, and was most frequently used by Ross Geller as a running gag through the series. But most importantly the unanswered question remained was What Was Written On Rachel’s 18 Pages Letter To Ross?

So, let’s focus on Rachel’s Letter To Ross and exactly what was written on those 18 pages, Front & Back. Ross ignored reading and instead fell asleep without reading her meticulously crafted 18-page letter about their relationship.

In the memorable Friends episode titled “The One with the Jellyfish” (Season 4, Episode 1), Rachel devoted significant time and effort to pour her heart out and express her complicated emotions concerning her relationship with Ross.

The episode portrays Rachel’s thoughtful and careful approach to composing this letter. However, Ross’s response to this sincere attempt at reconciliation is rather unfortunate—he succumbs to slumber after merely ten minutes of reading.

What Exactly Was Written On Rachel’s 18 Pages Letter To Ross?

Though the writers never revealed what was written on those 18 pages, one reddit user share was written on the very page of the letter. So here is what was written on the very fast page (The last line is hard to understand and can’t be decoded)

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