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Tyler was one of the most interesting and complex characters in Wednesday, and Netflix has confirmed he will be returning (via TUDUM), but how he returns is still a mystery. Wednesday Season 1 proved to be a smash hit on Netflix, quickly shattering previous streaming records, where it became the most viewed English language TV show by a huge margin, beating out established shows like Stranger Things (via Netflix). The comedy horror series with a hint of mystery went viral on more than one occasion in season 1.

Now, with a second season on the way, news about the returning cast is slowly being issued, and one surprising return which has already been confirmed is Hunter Doohan, who played Tyler Galpin in season 1. Tyler started as a potential love interest for Wednesday (Jenna Ortega), but as the series progressed, his secret identity as the murderous Hyde was revealed. He was then captured and taken away, seemingly to be locked up, but with his season 2 return confirmed, it’s worth exploring how that would even be possible.

Jenna Ortega leads Netflix’s Wednesday, but she’s backed by a strong supporting cast playing Addams Family characters, like Wednesday’s mom Morticia.

7Tyler’s Dad Bails Him Out Paternal Release? Dad Steps In to Free Tyler

One of the simplest ways that Tyler could return, is if his father, the town sheriff, were to bail him out. Upon learning that his son is a monster, sheriff Donovan Galpin was clearly upset, but it doesn’t mean he loves his son any less. Having lost his wife, Donovan and Tyler were all the pair had, and it would make sense for his father to want him home and try to help him as best he could. While it may be a misguided act of love on Donovan’s part, it would bring Tyler back for Wednesday season 2.

This would mean he could be in the town of Jericho, and close to Nevermore Academy, where Wednesday and her friends are students.

Considering his position in law enforcement, he could even try to arrange a deal where he keeps his son on house arrest, or transfers him to a local center for treatment. This would mean he could be in the town of Jericho, and close to Nevermore Academy, where Wednesday and her friends are students. Considering Wednesday’s insatiable curiosity, and her attraction to dark and dangerous things, she would likely try to meet up with Tyler and learn more about the nature of the Hydes.

Following the climactic season 1 finale of Tim Burton’s Wednesday, here’s everything we know about season 2 of Netflix’s Addams Family show.

6Wednesday Could Be The New Hyde Master Mastermind Wednesday? Controlling the Monster Within

Another theory suggests that Wednesday may be the new Hyde Master. It appears that Tyler had his powers unlocked by the vengeful Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci), which led to him being in a position of subservience to her. This freeing of the monster was the thing that first connected Tyler and Marilyn, and thus gave Marilyn the ability to control Tyler’s powers and beastly form. However, the Wednesday season 1 finale left Marilyn’s fate ambiguous. Regardless of whether she survived her encounter with Wednesday or not, Marilyn has been defeated by the young outcast.

The mythology and rules around Hydes remains unclear, but this could result in Wednesday having the status of being the Hyde Master transferred to herself. This would make for a very interesting twist, with Tyler possessing such strong negative feelings towards her and her kind, but being unable to attack her. Wednesday could then study his nature as a monster, and potentially help him reform from his evil ways. Or, she could wield him as a weapon and a way to manipulate and play with people in Nevermore and Jericho.

5Marilyn Thornhill Returns The Vengeful Teacher Returns? Miss Thornhill’s Unfinished Business

Marilyn Thornhill was secretly the primary antagonist in Wednesday season 1. After building trust with the students at Nevermore, she turned on them and revealed her true identity as the presumed dead descendant of Joseph Crackstone. She harbored a deep hatred for the monsters and creatures that attended Nevermore, and she wished to kill them by wielding the power of the Hyde. In Marilyn’s final confrontation with Wednesday, she threatens to shoot her, before being attacked by a swarm of bees, and Wednesday delivers the final blow, which leaves her fate ambiguous.

However, even if Marilyn is believed to be dead, this would not be the first time she has come back from a fatal incident. Marilyn previously faked her death, causing others to believe she had drowned. It is possible that she managed to escape from any imprisonment and return to Jericho. If this happens, it’s likely she will attempt to bring her monstrous ally along with her to finish the job at Nevermore. While this appears to be a possibility, it could be viewed as repetitive, and so it seems that Marilyn’s return, at least this early on, is unlikely.

Season 1 comprises many funny scenes that show off Wednesday Addams’ signature sense of morbid humor as she interacts with her peers and teachers.

4Tyler Is Getting Better Redemption Arc? A Changed Tyler Seeks Forgiveness

Tyler convincingly played the part of a boy that had a genuine interest in Wednesday Addams. He also led a pretty normal life, working as a barista, and having friends in Jericho. While the final episodes reveal his true nature as a bloodthirsty monster, it is not clear how much his alter ego had to do with his vile and vitriolic nature. In addition, Tyler was being controlled by Marilyn, who harbored a considerable anger and disgust towards the kind of people that attend Nevermore. It’s possible that Tyler was strongly influenced by Marilyn to hate the outcasts.

If Tyler is receptive to these treatments, he could start improving.

If that is the case, some time away from his vitriolic master could see his personality undergo a massive shift. Tyler was taken away to Willowhill Psychiatric Hospital, where he is likely to be given therapy and an attempt to reform him and heal him will be made. If Tyler is receptive to these treatments, he could start improving. This would also be an interesting arc for the character, as he formerly gained Wednesday’s trust under false pretenses, and would now need to fight to earn it once again, having betrayed her before.

3Tyler Escapes Breaking Free? Tyler Escapes Captivity

Alternatively, Tyler may continue to act and behave as a monstrous creature, and he could escape from either the truck taking him to the Psychiatric Hospital, or from the institution once he arrives. Tyler has a monstrous side that can wield tremendous strength and cause havoc. If he were to transform, or even use his intelligence to sneak out in human form, it is possible that Tyler could escape. From there, he could travel to Nevermore and try to continue seeking his revenge, Jericho to seek protection from his father, or go elsewhere, potentially to seek out his old master.

Tyler escaping would cause distress to the residents of Jericho and especially students at Nevermore, which could increase the tension and drama for season 2. Tyler made for an incredibly interesting and unique villain in season 1, and his return in season 2 would not only be welcome, but required in order to properly expand on his darker side. Through a breakout, Tyler would have the most potential to rise up and strike students in Nevermore when they least expect it. Or, he could find himself growing more docile, and go on the run, trying to escape his bloody past.

The wishlist for Wednesday season 2 includes maintaining some elements from the original formula, doubling down on new ones, and ignoring others.

2Nevermore Repeals The No Hydes Rule Changing the Rules? Nevermore Reconsiders Hydes

One interesting detail revealed in Wednesday season 1, is the fact that Hydes have been banned from attending Nevermore Academy for the previous 30 years. In a school specifically designed to welcome all kinds of outcasts and rejects from society, it seems strange that one specific class of people are discriminated against. Tyler presented as a fairly dangerous and villainous version of the creature, but that is not to say that with some training and support, a Hyde couldn’t be any worse than the other vampires, werewolves and ghouls already attending Nevermore.

This possibility is supported by the fact that Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie) is now dead and unable to argue a case against letting the Hydes into the school.

Despite his role in causing chaos at the school, Tyler could be invited to be a student and get his powers under control. This possibility is supported by the fact that Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie) is now dead and unable to argue a case against letting the Hydes into the school. The new headmaster may be more open-minded, and hopeful to see these creatures integrated and accepted among the student body. As a result, Tyler would need to learn to harness his powers, and try to fit in at a school that he recently terrorized.

1Wednesday Seeks Out Tyler’s Help An Unlikely Alliance? Wednesday Needs Tyler’s Help

Finally, there is also a possibilty that Wednesday may seek out Tyler’s help. Wednesday enjoys unraveling mysteries, and season 2 is sure to have something for Wednesday to sink her teeth into in terms of a new mystery plot. If Wednesday is trying to track down some sort of monster, or even another Hyde, Tyler could be an invaluable resource in moving the investigation along. Wednesday could go to visit him at the hospital, in an effort to pick his brain and get a better understanding of what the Hydes are, and how these monsters actually work.

Over the course of their conversations, Wednesday could feel sorry for Tyler if he is able to show her the situations and circumstances that led to him becoming a monster under Marilyn Thornhill’s control. Tyler lost his mother at an early age, and discovered his identity as a monster himself. He was then manipulated and controlled by an angry and vengeful woman who used him to murder other people his age. He may have grown to support his mission, but that doesn’t mean he was always such an inhumane character, and Wednesday season 2 could bring out a kinder side.


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