Travis Kelce Has Some Sweet Moments With His Brother Jason and Sister-in-Law Kylie’s Daughters

Jason Kelce’s daughters famously didn’t want Travis to win the 2022 Super Bowl, but the girls still love their “Uncle Travy.”

Travis Kelce isn’t a father, just yet, but he’s definitely a model uncle to brother Jason Kelce and sister-in-law Kylie Kelce’s three daughters — Wyatt Elizabeth born in October 2019, Elliotte Ray born in March 2021 and Bennett Llewellyn born in February 2023.

“Travis is the perfect uncle. He really is,” Jason told E! News in September 2023 about his younger brother, noting that his daughters are “drawn to him immediately.”

“Partly because he’s gorgeous, but then also he’s just a fun human being,” Jason added. “He’s exciting. He has energy for days.”

However, it might be a while until Travis can take care of the girls on his own.

“I know we give him crap. We will not leave him alone with them. They’re too young,” Jason added, noting that his brother has a “zest” for life.

Kylie echoed her husband’s sentiments about letting Travis watch their daughters.

“How long, if at all, would you allow me to babysit the girls unsupervised?” Travis asked Kylie when she appeared on the “New Heights” podcast in September 2023.

“I think my headphones just cut out,” Kylie quipped back. “Would it be by yourself? … But then who’s watching you?”

On a more serious note, Kylie said she would leave her brother-in-law with the girls for “one hour.”


“I feel like Travis can stand longer than [Jason] can. I feel like that’s a gamechanger when it comes to small babies,” she added. “Bennett right now, she’s happy as a clam if you just get up and walk around with her.”

Keep scrolling to see Travis’ sweetest moments with his nieces:


When Travis was wearing a pink wig in June 2023, Wyatt was not a fan.

“Take it off! Take it off!” she told her uncle. “Because I don’t like it!”

He responded, “I thought you said you wanted dad to have pink hair?”

“Yeah, but I don’t want you to have pink hair,” she hit back, calling Travis “naughty” and “sneaky.”


Travis met Jason and Kylie’s youngest daughter for the first time following her February 2023 birth. It was filmed for the Prime Video’s Kelce documentary, which was released in September 2023.

“Just like a football,” Jason joked, putting the baby in his brother’s arms.

Credit: Philadelphia Eagles/Youtube (2)

The Girls Crash ‘New Heights’

Wyatt and Elliotte walked in on Jason and Travis recording their “New Heights” podcast, as seen on a January 2023 episode of the Philadelphia Eagles’ Unscripted series.

“This is my favorite time of the year right here,” Travis said as he spoke with both girls. “Favorite time of the day, favorite time of the week.”


Jason and Kylie’s eldest crashed the “New Heights” podcast recording in December 2022.

“We can hear an adorable little voice,” Travis told his brother as Wyatt came on screen, waving to her uncle. “Hey baby Wy.”


New Promo: While recording the October 11, 2023, episode of their podcast, Jason let his daughters Wyatt and Elliotte briefly say hello to their uncle.

“How are you doing? You’re smiling big,” Travis asked Elliotte. “You’re making my day!”

Ellie then put on her floral pair of sunglasses, to which her stylish uncle praised the look. “I love it,” Travis gushed.

Wyatt also got some face time with her uncle, showing off her pastel leotard from gymnastics practice. “How about those pink shoes from the [Eagles] game, those were fun?” Travis asked her, to which she agreed.

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