The wife of Jason Kelce addresses his shenanigans in front of Taylor Swift during a Buffalo Bills game

Jason Kelce was among the most-watched people at the AFC divisional round clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills, and had himself a time at the game

Jason Kelce, the Philadelphia Eagles legend, had a wild time cheering on his younger brother Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs in their game against the Buffalo Bills.

Despite the freezing temperatures at Highmark Stadium, Jason took off his shirt and even jumped into a crowd of Bills fans for some friendly banter.

In an unexpected move, Jason, still without his shirt, posed for a photo with a young fan and introduced her to Taylor Swift. He then returned to join Swift and the rest of the group supporting Travis and the Chiefs.

However, Jason’s wife Kylie revealed on “Good Morning America” that he didn’t get to do everything he wanted. She said: “He desperately wanted to go through a table,” adding: “It was on his checklist for the day. Top priority of the day: Go through table. He did not get a chance to do that.”

Bills tailgates are known for their wild antics, including fans crashing through tables. A video of a fan catching fire after crashing through a flaming table went viral before the Bills-Chiefs game.

The fan was okay, but it shows how rowdy these events can get. Jason even drank from a bowling ball, which Swift declined to do. He admitted on the “New Heights” podcast that he didn’t know what was in the ball.

Jason Kelce enamored himself with Taylor Swift despite his antics ( Image: Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)

Jason’s antics seemed to annoy Kylie at one point, as a security guard was seen telling him to get back into the suite. This was a message from his wife, who had reminded him to behave around Swift. Despite this, Swift found Jason’s behaviour charming and was glad to meet Travis’ older brother. “Tay’ said she ‘absolutely loved you.’ I felt like it was a scene out of ‘Old School,’ where Will Ferrell’s running,” Travis said on the “New Heights” podcast.

Despite not partaking in the Bills fans’ tradition of going through a table, it seemed like Jason, Kylie, Swift and the rest of Kelce’s crew had a blast watching Travis and the Chiefs triumph over the Bills. This victory propelled them to the AFC Conference championship game.

As the Kansas City Chiefs gear up to face the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday in what promises to be an exciting match, all eyes are expected to be on Jason, along with Swift and the players on the pitch.

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