The Terminal List Season 2 with Chris Pratt (2024)

The Terminal List Season 2: Cast, Story Details & Everything We KnowBYCOLIN MCCORMICK,PAUL SHIREY,ANDDALTON NORMANUPDATED DEC 30, 2023

Everything we know about Prime Video’s The Terminal List season 2 starring Chris Pratt, including which book it will likely follow next.

Quick Links The Terminal List Season 2: Latest News The Terminal List Season 2 Has Been Confirmed The Terminal List Season 2: Cast The Terminal List Season 2: Story Details The Terminal List Prequel Series The Terminal List Season 2: Further News & Info SUMMARY  “The Terminal List” season 2 is confirmed and fans can expect more action-packed episodes.  Chris Pratt teased that there are big plans for the franchise beyond season 2, including a spinoff series.  Season 2 will adapt Jack Carr’s follow-up novel, “True Believer,” and will see James Reece back in action.

The Terminal List was a bit hit for Prime Video in 2022, and it’s confirmed that Amazon has renewed The Terminal List season 2. Based on the novel by Jack Carr, The Terminal List is the first book featuring protagonist Commander James Reece (Chris Pratt), a former Navy SEAL who goes on a mission of revenge when he discovers a conspiracy that goes deep into the upper levels of government. In addition to Pratt, the show stars Taylor Kitsch, Jai Courtney, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Constance Wu, Riley Keough, Arlo Mertz, JD Pardo, and more.

The Terminal List season 1 featured 8 single-hour episodes and premiered on July 1, 2022. Created for TV by Dan DiGilio (Black Sails) and directed/executive produced by Antoine Fuqua, The Terminal List has the distinction of the book’s author, Jack Carr, also being an executive producer and advisor to the series. The premise is simple, after his family is targeted, James Reece creates a list, called “The Terminal List”, and hunts down those responsible. With his mission complete, fans will no doubt be looking for what happens next in The Terminal List season 2.


The Terminal List Season 2: Latest News

While there is not much in the way of exciting The Terminal List season 2 news, Chris Pratt did remind everyone that the second season is on the way. Pratt took to Instagram to celebrate the first anniversary of season 1’s release. Along with Pratt’s heartfelt thanks to fans for watching the first season, he teased that there was more to come, adding “You ain’t ready for what we have in store for you!” There are big plans for the franchise beyond The Terminal List season 2, as there is the spinoff series with Taylor Kitsch in the works too.

The Terminal List Season 2 Has Been Confirmed

The Terminal List season 2 has been confirmed. There was a considerable delay between the end of the first season and the new announcement that the show would return, casting some doubt among fans. However, those involved with the show — including Pratt and Carr — expressed optimism that the series would be moving forward. With the second season now confirmed and a prequel series also in the works, it seems as though Amazon Prime Video is betting that this could be a new franchise for the streaming service.

The Terminal List Season 2: Cast

The only confirmed The Terminal List season 2 cast member is Chris Pratt returning as James Reece. Reece racked up a high body count in season 1, so there aren’t too many characters left standing. One potential co-star to return is Constance Wu’s determined reporter Katie Buranek. Though Kitsch’s Ben Edwards was seemingly killed in season 1, he will continue in his prequel series.

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The Terminal List Season 2: Story Details

It has been confirmed that The Terminal List season 2 will adapt Carr’s follow-up novel, True Believer. The book picks up with Reece living as a wanted fugitive, who gets pulled back into government service after a series of terrorist attacks. Recruited into the CIA and given a Presidential pardon for his actions in The Terminal List, Reece is thrust back into battle, traveling the globe to combat a deadly new threat that he’s uniquely suited for.

Showrunner David DiGilio (Black Sails) has said that True Believer is an “epic blueprint for an epic season.” The Terminal List differed from the book in notable ways in the first season and can be expected to do the same in season 2, but True Believer offers insight into where the season will go.

The Terminal List Prequel Series

With the success of The Terminal List season 1 and with the second season on the way, the franchise is expanding with a prequel series as well. Following the revelation that Ben Edwards (Taylor Kitsch) was one of the villains in The Terminal List season 1, the new show will examine how Edwards went from a respected soldier to turning on his friends. The show is being touted as an elevated espionage thriller. Kitsch is confirmed to return, and it would not be surprising if Pratt made an appearance as James Reece at some point given his history with Edwards.


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