The “smallest girl in the world” 7 years old still does not weigh 4kg and the will to live makes people admire

In 2007, Emma Newman – a British woman became a famous reluctant mother when she gave birth to a rare birth. Emma went into labor and gave birth four weeks premature to the family’s fourth baby girl, Charlotte Garside. When the baby was born, all the doctors and parents were shocked when Charlotte was tiny, weighing only 30 grams, 25 centimeters long. Previously, during the pregnancy and many ultrasounds, the doctor did not detect any abnormality of the fetus.

After that, baby Charlotte was diagnosed with a syndrome scientifically known as Primordial Dwarfism. This is an extremely rare genetic mutation that creates congenital dwarfism, making the sufferer smaller and less developed than the average person many times. So far, the world has only recorded about 200 cases of Primordial Dwarfism. With such a tiny body, Charlotte has very weak health and is predicted to hardly live beyond 1 year.

Although extremely painful before their child’s strange illness, Emma and her husband still try to find a cure and wait for a miracle. After her 1st birthday, Charlotte has indeed overcome and lived a healthy life. The strong vitality of the little girl made the media call her “the world’s smallest girl”.

After that, not only continuing to celebrate her 2nd and 3rd birthday, until now, when she turned 14, Charlotte Garside still exists in the world, despite the many diagnoses and worries of people. Not only that, she also becomes an inspirational character when she is always optimistic and tries to have a normal life.

Charlotte ‘s daily life is certainly not easy. The Garside family had to redesign the entire interior, buying tiny furniture to fit the body of this “smallest girl in the world”. All of her baby diapers, clothes, and school bags are like dolls. Because she is too small, she cannot eat and drink on her own, but digests completely through a nebulizer.

At the age of 7, Charlotte still weighed less than 4kg and was 68cm tall . You always look like a doll and need someone to hold you. Despite many difficulties in life, this strange girl is still very mischievous and full of energy. When she came of age, Charlotte was sent to school by her parents like many of her peers.

Now, Charlotte is still strong enough to live in harmony with her abnormal body. Despite many difficulties and many curious and pointing glances from people around, Charlotte is the pride of her family and the media has always called her a true medical miracle. Emma – her mother also set up a Facebook page to share about her daughter’s daily life. Many people with strange illnesses, dwarfism or similar situations have been encouraged by Charlotte’s story.


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