The Price of Money: A Largo Winch Adventure (movie 2024) WITH James Franco AND Tomer Sisley!

It follows Largo Winch, who is devastated by the kidnapping of his son. He realizes that if he finds those responsible for his bankruptcy, maybe he’ll see his son again.


Devastated by the recent kidnapping of his 15-year-old son, Largo Winch looks on, helpless, as his business partner commits suicide during a live press conference. As everything turns against him, as his business empire starts to fail, he discovers that the two events are perhaps linked: if he finds the criminals responsible, he will perhaps see his son again. From Canada to Burma to Bangkok… Largo doesn’t yet know that his search will lead him straight to hell… An action-packed movie with an intrigue-filled plot that will grip you without respite till the final breathless seconds.

Details Release date August 15, 2024 (Russia) Languages French English Also known as Largo Winch 3

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