The Ones Who Live: Episode 5 Teases a New Walker Variant

The fourth episode of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, which is being touted by some as the best episode of TWDU, was written by Danai Gurira, who portrays Michonne in the series. This episode starred Rick, Michonne, and a bunch of walkers, highlighting the tension between the couple, who have different views on their next step. Fans were overjoyed when Rick and Michonne were reunited, albeit briefly, in episode 1 of The Ones Who Live spinoff. Portrayed by Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira, Rick and Michonne had been parted for years, clinging to hope that the other still lived. When they first glimpsed one another, neither could believe their eyes. After over eight years, the powerhouse couple were together again

Rick had been a captive of the CRM (Civic Republic Military) for all this time, and after at least five unsuccessful escape attempts, one of which cost him his arm, Rick became resigned to the fact that he must face the truth; no one leaves the CRM. When he returns with Michonne, going by the name Dana, as a possible new recruit, he is threatened by CRM Warrant Officer, Jadis Stokes (Pollyanna McIntosh). She along with ever viewer knows Rick and Michonne are unstoppable when they are together. The Ones Who Live episode 4 Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Danai Gurira as Michonne – The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live _ Season 1, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

The fourth episode, “What We,” was brilliantly written by Gurira, who gave this episode such raw emotion and complexity. Anyone who has been in a relationship that has fallen on hard times felt, just as Rick and Michonne did that things were unrepairable. In this episode, Rick is featured as a severely broken man. He eventually shares his fears with Michonne, the most significant of which is losing her, Judith, and now RJ, whom he has just become aware of. But why is he so devoid of emotion when he learns key elements during this episode? What else has Rick experienced that has yet to be revealed? When Rick learned their lives were saved in Michonne’s crazy leap from the helicopter, this was an opportune time for them to get back to their children. The CRM will now assume they are dead, but Rick says NO. When he finds out about his eight-year-old son RJ for the first time, he does shed a few tears, but it appears that was more because of Michonne’s justifiable outburst than the fact that he has a son. At that point, he still wants to signal for a rescue with the PRB. This news should have snapped him from his stupor. By the end of the episode, he appeared to be on board with returning to their children, or does he? He stated that without her, he dies, and he had to learn how to be dead and live. If she returns to his life, he is terrified that he will lose her, and he doubts this time he could survive the loss. ” “We go home, Rick, and we figure out how to protect it together. That’s how we make it all make sense. We love on each other, as hard as we can, while we can.” “

– Michonne They drive off together towards Alexandria and their children. With two episodes remaining in the series, things are about to get exciting. Will they return to Alexandria, or will something or someone prevent that from happening? Danai Gurira as Michonne, Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live _ Season 1, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: AMC / The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live airs new episodes on AMC and AMC+ on Sundays through March 31, when the finale airs. Follow Undead Walking on Twitter and sign up for the once-daily Undead Walking newsletter to avoid missing out on everything in The Walking Dead universe.

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