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The Jason Statham action film The Beekeeper is generating plenty of sequel buzz, but will The Beekeeper 2 ever actually happen? Debuting in January 2024, the sleeper action hit stars Statham as a former member of a mysterious group called the Beekeepers who goes on a brutal mission of revenge to take down a powerful scammer who robs regular people of their money. Though the movie was released with little fanfare, the simple but effective action flick pushed all the right buttons and became the first surprise smash of 2024.

Unlike many of its action contemporaries who lean heavily on schlock, The Beekeeper scored high marks with critics who praised its simplicity, briskness, and Statham’s easy performance (via Rotten Tomatoes). More important than its critical success, The Beekeeper has crossed major box-office milestones in the early weeks of 2024, guaranteeing its spot as a bona fide blockbuster in the making. This kind of success is a surefire sign that a sequel is in the works, and The Beekeeper 2 seems inevitable.


The Beekeeper 2 Is Not Confirmed

Since the film is still so new, it comes as no surprise that The Beekeeper 2 has not been announced, and it likely won’t until the full scope of the first film’s success is assessed. The financial success of the movie is a good indication that a sequel will be considered, but a lot of factors will have to be taken into account before The Beekeeper 2 can happen. The most likely situation is that the movie will have to finish its theatrical run and find a streaming landing spot, before more news about a sequel can surface.

Director David Ayer’s Comments On The Beekeeper 2

One of the biggest reasons The Beekeeper has been such a success is the involvement of director David Ayer who is no stranger to genre-defining action films. As such, a sequel would need Ayer to be involved in some capacity to succeed, and he is certainly up for more. Speaking before the movie became a hit, Ayer said “We cracked the door a little bit into the Beekeeper world, and I would love to learn more about them.”

David Ayer is most famous for writing films like Training Day and The Fast and the Furious . He also directed End of Watch and Fury among several others.

Ayer didn’t pen the screenplay, it was instead written by action vet Kurt Wimmer, and Ayer’s curiosity is likely reflected in audiences as well. With so many ideas about a possible sequel swirling around, Ayer’s comments suggest The Beekeeper 2 could not only happen but be another hit. In a rather conclusive statement on the subject, Ayer said “It’s just an amazing mythology. There’s so much room to explore.”

What Could Happen In The Beekeeper 2

Despite delivering an action-packed and exciting ending, The Beekeeper left a lot of unanswered questions that a sequel could easily answer. Unlike many action films which offer a narrow scope, The Beekeeper 2 could go in a multitude of directions and still be interesting. The sequel could actually be a prequel and explore why Adam Clay (Statham) first left the Beekeepers behind. On the other hand, the story could follow Clay after the events of the first film and perhaps turn the organization into his newest enemy.

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