The 10 Funniest Food Moments from Friends

We adore Friends because it packs a powerful comedic punch, has classic fashion looks, and has the Rachel bob. But aside from that, who can forget the memorable times spent enjoying delicious food over the years?

So here are The 10 Funniest Food Moments from Friends

Chandler and Rachel Keep Stealing Someone’s Cheesecake

In addition to repeatedly stealing their neighbor’s cheesecake delivery, Chandler and Rachel eventually give in and eat one off the hallway floor.

The Neighbors Go Crazy For Monica’s Christmas Candy

If you’re a foodie like Monica, baking is how you celebrate the season. However, It could go wrong, which is what happened to Monica when she made the holiday candy, despite her best efforts to get to know her neighbors.

Rachel was not Supposed to Put Beef in the Trifle

As one of the few times she helped in the kitchen, Rachel quickly realized that no beef sautéed with peas and onions does not belong in an English trifle.

Chandler Hates Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving that Chandler remembers best was when he was nine years old. His parents told him they were divorcing so his father could leave with the houseboy. Chandler declines to observe Thanksgiving conventionally as a result.

The Gang Stoops Eating Wax

Because of the whole ‘, We were on a Break’ Thing; Ross slept with the copy machine girl. The group is confined to Monica’s room while Ross tries to persuade Rachel to give him another chance. With nothing else to eat, they finally give in and eat a container of leg wax.

Joey Doesn’t Share Food

Joey expresses what every man feels when a woman reaches over to take some fries when she has ordered a salad for dinner.

Ross gets Stood Up

Even though Joey is the reason Ross was initially stood up, he joins in on the fun. But hey, when it comes to free crab cakes, all bets are off.

Rachel Finds Her Daughter’s Face on A Pe*is

Imagine getting the birthday cake delivered for your one-year-old’s party only to find out it isn’t on a bunny-shaped cake, but rather one that is a little more, Pen!syy.

Joey Loves Sandwiches

When Joey, Ross, and Chandler accompany Phoebe’s ex-boyfriend Gary the cop on a ride-along (oh hey, Michael Rapaport). When a car backfires, everyone believes it to be a gunshot, and Joey dives to protect Ross, slightly upsetting Chandler. However, Joey only did this because he needed to get his sandwich.

Joey Proves That Maternity Pants Are Good for Something

Monica doesn’t want to prepare a turkey for just three people. Joey objects: “Thanksgiving without turkey is like Fourth of July without apple pie or Friday without two pizzas.” After he promises to consume the entire turkey and puts on his Thanksgiving pants, Monica agrees.

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