The 10 best tiny houses you can buy on Amazon for under $20K

Tiny house

Tiny houses have become one of the most popular new living options for anyone looking to downsize. They are charming, functional, and livable and can suit many different needs.

This video shows ten of the best tiny homes available to order from Amazon. Some of the houses are pre-built, while others are kits that must be assembled on arrival.

The tiny homes in this video appeal to many different styles. For those seeking a rustic look, the farmhouse cedar shed is perfect. This model isn’t insulated and relies on large windows for light.

Someone looking for a more modern build might enjoy the container home by Mods International. Their tiny container home is pre-wired, plumbed, and has air conditioning. High-quality materials and a ton of amenities make this model move-in ready.

Between all the options provided in this video, anyone considering downsizing can find features, floorplans, or amenities they like and might want to include in their future home.

Each tiny home review points out the pros and cons of each space for the buyer’s consideration. The host also notes which spaces are ideal for entertaining, off-the-grid living, and other activities.

Suppose someone watching the video is actively searching for a tiny home and falls in love with a model from the video. In that case, they can order it from Amazon or the builder’s site.


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