Terminator 8: Rise of Skynet with Arnold Schwarzenegger (2024)

Since Legion was destroyed, the machines have been working to restore Skynet. Now the resistance has discovered their plans and must find a way to prevent them.


The Machines have been working in a way to restore Skynet back on, since Legion was destroyed, now the resistance discovered their plans and must find a way to prevent that from happening, and for that they must go underground to Gideon the new home-base of the machines.

Did you know TriviaIn an interview director Rui Constantino said that the movie is in the future, were the machines are making a comeback, and John Connor is still alive. Details Release date November 13, 2024 (Portugal) Countries of origin Colombia United States Portugal Official site Official Facebook Page Language English Filming locations Lisbon, Portugal Production company Constantino Filmes See more company credits at IMDbPro

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