Taylor Swift meets Jason Kelce and wife Kylie for the first time as they take a seat for Travis’s massive Chiefs game against the Bills at Buffalo’s Highmark Stadium

Taylor Swift has been pictured with Travis Kelce‘s brother Jason for the first time as they cheer the Kansas City Chiefs on against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday night.

With the Philadelphia Eagles out of the playoffs, Jason and Kylie headed to Buffalo to cheer Travis on in his own game. He was filmed wearing a red t-shirt saying ‘Big Yeti’ and enjoying a beer in the moments before the game began.

It is the first time they have been pictured with the pop star since they went public with their relationship in late September, when she headed to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City to cheer the Chiefs on against the Bears.

There had been reports recently that Swift has an ‘awkward relationship’ with Jason and Kylie – who have typically been more introverted compared to Travis, and that’s before he started dating the most famous person on the planet.

Kylie even said  back in November that she prefers watching games from the stands with fans rather than in a suite – but given the 20 degree temperatures in Buffalo on Sunday night, it was a good time to make an exception.

Taylor Swift was pictured with Jason Kelce for the first time ahead of Chiefs vs. Bills

The star was also pictured in the suite alongside Kylie Kelce (right) and Donna Kelce


They were out in force to cheer Travis and the Chiefs on against the Bills on Sunday night

Before meeting Swift, Jason was filmed tailgating with Bills fans and downing beers with supporters who were tailgating in the cold conditions.

Jason and Taylor might have been expected to meet back in November when the Chiefs hosted the Eagles in Monday Night Football at Arrowhead with Swift anticipating flying back from Brazil, where she had been performing on her Eras Tour.

But Swift had to postpone a concert date to the night of the game, meaning she wasn’t able to return to the United States in time.

Ironically, before she started dating Travis, Swift spoke openly of her Philadelphia Eagles fandom – the team Jason plays for.

In May last year, Swift told fans at a show in Philadelphia that she supports the Eagles before playing a song ‘Gold Rush’ – which references an ‘Eagles t-shirt’ in the lyrics.

She told the thousands of fans at her show: ‘I don’t know how large the debate was, but I did see the debate.

‘I have a lyric that says, ‘With my Eagles t-shirt hanging from the door.’ I saw some people wondering if it was the band the Eagles or the team the Eagles, and I love the band the Eagles, but guys, come on. I’m from Philly. Of course it’s the team.’

But ever since she met Travis, she has been sporting Chiefs colors.

Swift pictured arriving at Highmark Stadium for the Chiefs game against Buffalo Bills

Swift’s jet landed in Buffalo on Sunday afternoon, around two hours before the game began

There were some hardcore Swift fans holding up signs to welcome her to Buffalo

At the first Chiefs game she went to, Swift was sat with Travis and Jason’s mom Donna and has also been seen meeting their father Ed at other games.

But given Jason’s own requirements across the course of the season – as well as Taylor touring during the regular season – this is the first time she has met her potential future brother-in-law.

Travis and Jason are extremely close off the field. Travis wears the No 87 for the Chiefs because it is the year his big brother was born and last year, they were rivals for the Super Bowl when the Chiefs met the Eagles.

Jason, meanwhile, is weighing up his own future in the NFL.

He reportedly told his Eagles team in the locker room on Monday night that he would retire – but an official announcement is yet to follow.

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