Streets Of NYC From The 1940s

That’s what New York looked like in the 1940s.

New York, 1941
5th Avenue and W. 42nd Street, November 1941


59th Street Bridge from Canadian Club roof, NYC, November 1941


Looking down from the Empire State Building towards Bryant Park, 1941


Looking northwards toward Central Park from the Empire State Building, that is the Hudson River on the left, with the George Washington Bridge in the distance, 1941


Looking west on East 50th Street, NYC, November 1941


New York, 1941


 Park Avenue from Canadian Club roof, NYC, November 1941


Pigeons at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC, November 1941


Skating Rink in Rockefeller Plaza, NYC, November 1941


The Chrysler Building is prominent along with the Queensboro Bridge


 Times Square, 1943


47th & Broadway, 1944


Broadway & 47th Street, 1944


Times Square, 1944


Times Square, 1944


Times Square, 1946


Times Square, September 1946


Third Avenue railway system, Park Row, Manhattan, City Hall at right, circa 1947


View east on E. 42nd St., NYC, March 1947


 Broadway toward 45th Street, 1948


New York City, 1948


New York Public Library, 1948


New York skyline, 1948


Syracuse, New York, circa 1948


 Times Square, 1948


 Times Square, 1948


Park Ave. and the New York Central (now Helmsley) Building, August 1949


 5th Avenue Towards 42nd Street, Manhattan, on the steps of the New York Public Library, 1949


Chelsea, NYC & Empire State from RMS Mauretania, August 1949


Grand Central Station, August 1949


NYC, from RMS Mauretania, August 1949


 Orchard Street and Rivington Street, 1949


Park Ave and E. 45th St. at Grand Central Terminal, August 1949


 Park Row, circa 1949


 RMS Mauretania & Queen Mary, Pier 90, NYC & Hudson River, 1949


 RMS Queen Elizabeth, NYC, March 1949


 RMS Queen Mary & RMS Mauretania & NYC from NJ bank, August 1949


Rockaway Beach, New York, circa 1949

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