Street Scenes of Minneapolis in the 1920s-30s

Here below are some amazing vintage photos showing street scenes of Minneapolis in the 1920s-30s.

Beer wagon, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1939


Bootblack’s stand, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1937


Boston Block Department Store, 300 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, 27 December 1936


Chicago Hotel in Minneapolis, 1920


Christmas decorations at 7th Street and Nicollet Avenue. Dayton department store on left, 1920s


Christmas decorations at Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, 1925


Directing traffic the Minneapolis way, 1923


Fight between teamsters and police, Minneapolis, June 1934


Gas station in Minneapolis, December 1937


Gateway Park, the heart of skid row, Minneapolis, September 1939


Gateway Park, the heart of skid row; Minneapolis, Minnesota, 6 July 1937


Goodwill store and Mission church, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1937


Hennepin Avenue at South Tenth Street, Minneapolis, 1934


Hennepin Avenue from Sixth Street looking north, Minneapolis, 1920


Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, ca. 1920s


Horse racing on lake of the Isles, Minneapolis, 1929


Looking up Nicollet from Fourth Street south, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 14 January 1937


Miller’s restaurant, 126 Washington Avenue south, Minneapolis, January 16, 1920


Minneapolis Mayor George E. Leach points out a good place to get run down by a car, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1925


Minneapolis women lining up to vote for the first time in a presidential election, 1920


Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1925


Miss Minnesota over Nicollet Mall, 1938


Newspaper row, Fourth Street south near Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1927


Orpheum Theater (still very much in use), 910 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 1933


Passengers boarding a street car at Hennepin and 9th, Minneapolis, ca. 1920s


Pawnshop in Gateway District, Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 1939


Pawnshops and secondhand stores, Minneapolis, 1939


Policeman with boy at Thirty-Sixth Street and Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1925


Sixth and Nicollet in the rain, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1924


Skid row, Minneapolis, August 1937


Snowplow owned by Jefferson Transportation Company, Minneapolis, 1925


South Sixth Street, near Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, 1925


Southwest corner of Snelling and University, St. Paul, Minneapolis, 1932


The heart of downtown, Seventh and Hennepin, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1920


West hotel, Minneapolis, 1927


Workers marching through Minneapolis Loop in observance of May Day chanting, 1937


404 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1931

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