‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 (2025)

‘Stranger Things’ Superfan Shares Season 5 Behind-The-Scenes Photos & Their Expectations For Final Season

The fanpage Stranger Things Spoilers has some of the best coverage of Netflix’s flagship show.


Picture courtesy of Netflix

Netflix’s broad range of movies and series have some pretty dedicated fan accounts. From Virgin River to The Sandman to Avatar: The Last Airbender, plenty of dedicated social media accounts keep you updated on the latest for various Netflix titles. Below, we spoke to Stranger Things Spoilers, one of the biggest for Netflix’s flagship series, Stranger Things.

Quickly approaching 200,000 followers on X (Twitter), Stranger Things Spoilers is the definitive account to follow for all things ST with filming updates, official news and much more including exclusive BTS photos and news you don’t find anywhere else.

Their account is brimming with activity right, given that Stranger Things is currently in production with its fifth and final season. Beginning filming in January, the account has shared first looks at much of the cast on set and shared captured shots of various filming locations that give us plenty to theorize on.

Naturally, given their name, their account may contain spoilers for season 5, so if you want to go into the final season completely cold, you may skip over the upcoming pictures.

With permission, Stranger Things Spoilers has provided some of their best shots behind the scenes of Stranger Things season 5, which is expected to continue until at least October 1st, 2024.

Downtown Set and Military Units for Stranger Things Season 5

50000 Wsqk Watts Radio Tower on the set for Stranger Things Season 5

Filming ongoing on the Upside Down set for Stranger Things Season 5

More filming on the Upside Down set for Stranger Things Season 5

Logistic trucks for Stranger Things filming – season 5

A new farm set for Stranger Things

Let’s dig into some of the questions we put to the owner of Stranger Things Spoilers, Shay:

In a short period, you’ve built one of the biggest Stranger Things fan accounts online. Congratulations! Can you talk about how you came about making the account and when you did it?

Thank you for your kind words! I began posting in February 2020, initially sharing content I found online until I caught up with the latest news. As a beginner, I often posted updates later than others, but my passion drove me to continue operating this page. I’ve always been curious about the things I enjoy, wanting to be in the know and share news first with the other fans, like me.

How long have you been a fan of the show? What makes it so special?

I started watching the show in 2019, actually. I assumed, like everyone else, that I’d give the first episode 10 minutes to keep me interested, and it worked! I watched at least four episodes in a row on the same day. I loved everything about it, from the mystery and horror to the great characters!

Stranger Things is ending with its next season – what are you expecting from the final season? Do you think it’ll live up to expectations?

My feelings on this are mixed.

On the one hand, I want it to have a happy ending, with Joyce and Hop getting married, Max and Lucas enjoying the movie night, etc. However, something drastic must happen in Hawkins for these things to occur. There’s a huge gate in the middle of Hawkins, and it won’t be easy to close it. I anticipate a few heartbreaking deaths happening this season.

You’ve become one of the best sources of images for the upcoming final season of the show – can you take us behind the scenes on the show so far – where have they filmed as of March 2024 – can you give us any insight into how big the scale of the production is this season?

This season is HUGE.

It feels like they’re filming all over Georgia with lots of new sets, such as the new location for the Hawkins Memorial Hospital, a new farm set, a radio station set, and many more. They even built a replica of downtown Hawkins near the studios with some army presence.

Following the end of the final season – we’re getting multiple spin-offs by the looks of it – what do you hope from these and what spin-off would you like to see?

After watching Better Call Saul, I definitely want to see a spin-off with Hopper and delve into his past and day-to-day job. I expect the new spin-offs to strike a balance between the main character and the upside-down world. While I anticipate the return of the upside-down in future spin-offs, I also hope to see more of the main character’s everyday life. Regardless, I trust the writing team to deliver more amazing stories, just like in Stranger Things.

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