SNOW WHITE Live Action (2024) With Gal Gadot & Rachel Zegler

SNOW WHITE (2024) | Live Action Teaser Trailer | Rachel Zegler Disney Movie Concept - YouTube
In the original story of Snow White, the princess is targeted by her stepmother because of her vanity. Snow White is beloved and termed “the fairest of them all” by a magic mirror. The Evil Queen sends a huntsman after Snow White, who ends up escaping into the woods and living with seven dwarfs who mine gemstones. When the queen eventually tracks her down, a poisoned apple sends Snow White into an enchanted sleep that can only be awakened by true love’s kiss. Much of that story is expected to make it into the Snow White live-action remake, but there will be some changes to Snow White.
As one might expect, the Snow White story will be made much more in line with modern sensibilities for Disney’s live-action remake. Snow White will no longer be a helpless damsel in distress needing to be saved by a handsome prince’s kiss. In fact, she will go to battle alongside Jonathan, her love interest for the movie. There is not much currently revealed about the story, but many of its more iconic Disney princess movie aspects are expected to remain largely the same. However, following the criticism of past portrayals of dwarfism in Snow White adaptations by Peter Dinklage, Disney said the seven dwarfs will be getting an overhaul.


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