SISU 2 with Jorma Tommila (2024)

SISU 2 with Jorma Tommila (2024)

An SS officer leads a ruthless group of Nazi soldiers who fight an ex-soldier who finds riches in the Lapland forest and tries to bring the treasure into the city.

Sisu is one of the most exciting new movies to hit the big screen in 2023. The action movie sees a Finnish prospector named Aatami (Jorma Tommila) cross paths with a group of Nazis in the dying embers of World War II. When the soldiers try to steal Aatami’s gold, they learn the hard way that they messed with the wrong guy. It’s like John Wick, with a war movie setting.

The uber-violent flick is out now, and here’s a guide on whether Sisu is streaming so you can catch the action. But more importantly, we’re here to discuss the potential Sisu 2 release date. Warning spoilers ahead.

We imagine Jorma Tommila will lead the cast list for Sisu 2 if it gets approved. After his killing spree, there aren’t many other characters who could return for any potential sequel.

If the film is to get a follow-up, we think the story would be better suited to taking Aatami on a brand new adventure with his newfound riches, meaning lots of new faces for him to meet.


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