RED 3 Trailer (2024)

Red is one of Bruce Willis best film for sure. It may not be in the same level is Die Hard, its still a cool franchise with 2 films under the belt. The first one is my favorite in my opinion because it had more cast. Its unfortunate they did missed the chance to make an expendables style film by making a team comprised of famous old action heroes. I was reluctant making Red 3 dream trailer because as you may know Bruce Willis is officially retired from acting due to health reasons. Although we may never see the legendary Bruce Willis in the big screen anymore, its still fun to imagine if he came back as Frank Moses for Red 3.I kept the trailer basic and simple. so no fancy a.i or edits, since I’m not sure if anyone would still be interested in exploring the idea of Red 3.

One plot I added was about making Jack Horton return, implying he survived. I addressed this in the trailer with the line from Frank saying “I thought you were dead”. It as a line from a deleted scene of Red 2. The plus about the trailer is finding Bruce Willis fresh clips, because he had many small budget films to use. There was a bold guy fighting the bad guys which I made to appear as Frank Moses since he is bold too. I ended the trailer with the line “Retired extremely dangerous” which is the group name for an epic ending.



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