Monica and Chandler vs. Ross and Rachel: 10 Reasons Why the Former Was a Better Relationship

1. They Always Kept Their Friendship AliveOne of the most important reasons is that they manage to keep the friendship alive. It is always said that there should friendship between a married couple to lead a happy life. And, that is what this duo did. When it comes to Ross and Rachel as a couple, they were cute together, but they didn’t seem like real partners. However, Chandler and Monica seem like they were on a totally different level. Even though there was a happy ending for both the couples, the best FRIENDS romance was absolutely Monica and Chandler.2. They Never Rushed Into Anything

When you think about the way that Chandler and Monica’s relationship has grown, it’s a real progression. Even though they take things slow, they never rushed into anything and didn’t do anything without thinking carefully about it. It always felt like they are definitely doing the right thing, no matter whatever happens between them. They were very much logical at all times and always discussed it thoroughly before taking any rash decisions. You will always be happy to watch Monica and Chandler as a couple in the show. Monica-Chandler are better than Ross-Rachel relationship.

3. They Didn’t Have Many Partners Before

Throughout the show, Ross and Rachel were like a revolving door of romantic interests. Ross was getting over his ex-wife Carol at the beginning of the show and then he starts dating Julie after going to China for a business trip. And then comes Emily who he married, even when he had feelings for Rachel. Rachel doesn’t make very good choices in men either. It was a lot and was not fun to watch.On the other hand, Monica and Chandler each have one major love interest before they became a thing. We just knew that Monica and Richard couldn’t end up together and Chandler could never end up with Janice. Monica and Chandler were perfect for each other and complimented each other. Monica-Chandler are better than Ross-Rachel relationship.

4. They Were More Mature Than Ross And Rachel

Chandler was pretty immature before getting together with Monica. However, he seems so much more mature when you compare him to Ross. Ross spends a lot of time moping around and saying that he loves Rachel and wants to be with him. But, he was always over-possessive and always whines about it. On the other hand, Chandler and Monica always understood each other and supported each other. This makes them a far better couple than Ross and Rachel.

5. Chandler Was More Romantic Than Ross

Remember, when Monica tells Chandler that she wonders if he’s going to hate not experiencing any “firsts” with a new woman ever again and Chandler says that she is the only woman he wants to experience all the things with her only? Can Ross ever compete with that? We don’t think so. This is absolutely what you want your boyfriend or fiancé needs to say when you ask such type of question. This totally proves that Chandler proved that he was more romantic than Ross can ever be. Monica-Chandler are better than Ross-Rachel relationship.

6. There Past Was Just Adorable

You get a glimpse of when everyone first hung out in the third season episode called “The One With The Flashback”. Chandler and Joey were just beginning to live together. So, Monica, Phoebe, and Ross wanted to check out Joey. Chandler and Monica had a pretty cute moment at that time. He said that she was one of “the most beautiful women he’d ever known.” Also that she was “one of his favorite people.” Isn’t it just adorable? On the other hand, Ross and Rachel didn’t have much of a past. He just loved her and she ignored him completely.

7. They Were Much More Stable

When fans think about Ross and Rachel, the two of them weren’t even together for the majority of the show. However, Monica and Chandler were a thing for the majority of the show. It’s hard to remember a time when they weren’t dating. It’s always fun to watch Monica and Chandler with all the jokes, fights, and love between them. It surely makes them a much better couple.

8. They Are A Lot More Funnier

There was hardly a time when we laugh while watching Ross and Rachel. They did make us smile sometimes, but it was never filled with laughter. On the other hand, the storyline of Monica and Chandler was filled with humor. Remember the first time when Chandler says Monica that he loves him while she was wearing a turkey on her head with sunglasses? Who won’t find this funny? And, won’t love such a hilarious couple?

9. They Complemented Each Other

Ross and Rachel are kind of a tough couple to love when you think about it because they were so similar. Even though they seem totally different, they have many similar traits. They were both neurotic and freaked out over every little thing. When it comes to Monica and Chandler, they complemented each other really well. Monica was a neat freak and Chandler was the comedian. They always balanced and supported each other out. She made him more responsible and he made her calmer. Monica-Chandler are better than Ross-Rachel relationship.

10. He Totally Changes (For The Better) For Monica

Ross was always the same. Some people have a soft spot for him while others really hate him and think that he’s annoying. If you really think about it, he didn’t really change for the better as a result of dating Rachel. However, after getting together with Monica, Chandler absolutely changes for the better. While he never loses his sense of humor, he does learn to take some responsibility for everything. He became more mature and decisive. That was really a great thing to see in a couple. Monica-Chandler are better than Ross-Rachel relationship.

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