MOANA 2 – Official Trailer (2024)

MOANA 2 – Official Trailer (2024)

It was recently announced that Disney is working on Moana 2, and though this is exciting news for the beloved animated movie, one aspect of Moana 2’s production spells out potential trouble for another Disney project: the Moana live-action remake. Although the original Moana came out all the way back in 2016, Disney is only now taking on the film’s sequel and its live-action remake. Notably, Disney has been slowly working through its animated movie catalog and rebooting each film into a live-action adaptation. Apparently, Moana is next up on the list, coincidentally alongside the animated sequel.

This means trouble for Disney. While expectations for Moana 2 are going to be high, hopes for the Moana remake will be even higher. In the past, Disney’s live-action remakes have focused on its older films. Along with giving them live-action casts, Disney has also tweaked their stories to varied success. Now that they are tackling their newer movies, it is unclear just how many changes Disney will make, and whether they will be for the better or worse. And with the highly anticipated Moana 2 coming out alongside it, Disney is putting Moana’s reputation at stake.

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