Matthew Perry’s Longstanding Love: 10 Pictures Capturing His Affection for Courteney Cox

Some moments prove that Matthew is in love with Courteney for ages. They are still incredibly close despite not being on the camera every day. They leave their fans wondering if something really is going on between them. So, now grab your unagi and sit back in the apartment to find out:

1. He Comforted Her When She Was Single

Courteney reached out to first when she ended her relationship with Johnny McDaid and was Mr. Chandler Muriel Bing. After being so close for ten years while filming FRIENDS, she reached out to him first when feeling vulnerable. According to the sources, they share so close bond that made him the ideal person to call. And he was beside her throughout to comfort her and be with her. Such great chemistry, and you don’t smell anything suspicious yet?

2. He Has Always Loved Her

Matthew Perry has “always been in love” with Courteney Cox, according to US Magazine. However, not just in a Chandler and Monica type of way. The two actors have created a fantastical love story for many years and have worked closely together multiple times on a beloved show. Today we know Ross and Rachel were so iconic because they really had feelings for each other, and that helped them on screen. And given the fact, Monica & Chandler’s chemistry on the show was fabulous, too, then why can’t we speculate something going on between the two? After all, such great on-screen couples are rare! If you ask us, that couldn’t happen if there wasn’t an actual spark between them.

3. Cougar Town Guest Appearance

“Cougar Town” has garnered some big support from its loyal fans even though it ended its six-season run in 2015. Unfortunately, the show did suffer from rating declines throughout its run. However, the showrunners did their best to keep it afloat by bringing in guest stars such as Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry. Perry was a highly marketed appearance of their reunion as a couple. Matthew took out time to join Cox’s fledgling show. This proves that there is nothing he wouldn’t do for her.

4. His Other Relationships Never Worked Out

Despite playing an incredibly successful partner on television, Perry has been unable to find the steadiest relationships off the screen. Despite having a slew of high-profile relationships, Matthew has never been married. Reportedly, he tries to find Courteney in every girl he ever dated, which led him to disappointment. Unfortunately, perhaps that is why his other relationships never worked out.

5. Social Media Flirting

Courteney and Matthew have not been together on set any day anymore. However, they never stopped flirting in the new age of social media. Many stars reached out to their fans through TikTok during the COVID-19 quarantine, including showing off their terrible dance moves. Surprisingly, when Courteney decided to show off her own dance moves, Matthew quickly responded to show just how terrible they were.

6. He Took Courteney’s Support In Rehab

Matthew has been very open about his battle, including the time he was on FRIENDS. He admitted that he doesn’t remember three years of his time while on FRIENDS because the abuse became so bad. To overcome his inner demons, he took the support of Courteney and relied on her. While this must have been difficult for him, Courteney stood by him the entire time till he was strong enough to leave. If this isn’t loving, then what is?

7. Mattew Hoped For A Real Relationship

There have always been rumors about how Matthew still has true feelings for Courteney outside of the show. While both have tried to have relationships apart, the two have remained close since the show ended. The couple has maintained such a close friendship following the show. It would have been almost impossible for those feelings to dissipate if Perry really didn’t have felt something back then. As per rumors, Matthew is still holding those feelings, and they never extinguished.

8. Lunch Dates

The world would be a better place if everyone looked at their partner how Matthew Perry looks at Courteney Cox. This is the same look that Chandler had while Monica convinces him to try to get pregnant. Fans united at the prospect of the two of them getting together when the paparazzi captured these two out at lunch together. Unfortunately, Perry was with Lizzy Caplan, and Cox was with her former flame, Johnny McDaid. So it was just a platonic get-together.

9. Matthew’s Protective Cuddle

In 2004, the iconic show FRIENDS came to its end, and also Courteney’s daughter Coco was born. David and Courteney produced “Daisy Does America.” Matthew appeared at its launch party to show his support. The duo always remained in touch after the show and got closer than ever. Their gestures truly show the great bond they share and how much Matthew cares about Courteney.

10. New Relationship Rumors

Gossip hounds claim that the FRIENDS star, Matthew Perry, is still in love with his co-star, Courteney Cox, and that is why he called off his wedding. As we all know, Matthew has called off his wedding with Molly Hurwitz after the FRIENDS reunion. He always loved her and never really got over her. After seeing Courteney again at the reunion, his feelings came back altogether, and he just ended his relationship with Molly.

You might want to take note of a report that said, “Matthew’s always been in love with her. Any girl he’s tried to date looked similar to Courteney. Matthew has never fully been able to get over her,” a source said regarding Matthew and Courteney to US Weekly. Well, we all wanted to see Courteney and Matthew together. They do make such a great couple.

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