Liverpool ‘Then and Now’ A Look Back At Street Scenes of Merseyside’s District in the 1960s

Liverpool is a city in North West England, with its surrounding areas it is the fifth largest metropolitan area in the UK. The local authority is Liverpool City Council, the most populous local government district within the metropolitan county of Merseyside and the largest within the Liverpool City Region.In the 1960s, Liverpool became internationally renowned for its culture, particularly as the centre of the “Merseybeat” sound which became synonymous with The Beatles. Its streets also have distinctive features with many ancient buildings, and preserved to this day.An amazing ‘Then and Now’ photo collection from Keith Jones will give you a comparison look at the street scenes of Liverpool between the 1960s and today.

 Pier Head, 1960s in 2013


 Queens Arms, Williamson Square, 1960s and 2013


 Ranelagh Place, 1960s and 2017


 Rocket Shops, Childwall, 1960s and 2013


 Rocky Lane, Tuebrook, 1960s and 2013


 Smithdown Road, Wavertree, 1960s and 2015


 South Road, Waterloo, 1960s and 2013


Strand Road, Bootle, 1960s and 2014


Strand Road, Bootle, 1960s in 2013


The Blackie, 1960s and 2013


The Crown, Lime Street, 1960s and 2013


The Strand, 1960s and 2017


The Vines, Lime Street, 1960s and 2013


Tunnel Entrance, 1960s and 2016


Walton Vale, Walton, 1960s and 2014


Williamson Square, 1960s and 2013


Williamson Square, 1960s and 2014


 Williamson Square, 1960s and 2017


 Bluecoat Chambers, 1960s and 2017


 Bradewell Street, Kirkdale, 1960s and 2016


Church Street, 1960s and 2013


 Dale Street, 1960s and 2014


Everton Road, Everton, 1960s and 2013


Great Charlotte Street, 1960s and 2014


 Green Lane, Old Swan, 1960s and 2013


 Green Lane, Old Swan, 1960s and 2013


 Green Lane, Old Swan, 1960s and 2015


 Hardman Street, 1960s and 2013


 Hatton Garden, 1960s and 2014


 High Street, Wavertree, 1960s in 2016


 Lewis’s, 1960s and 2013


Lime Street, 1960s and 2013


Lime Street, 1960s and 2014


Lime Street, 1960s and 2017


Lime Street, 1960s and 2017


Lime Street, St George’s Place, 1960s and 2012


Liver Building, 1960s and 2015


Liverpool Road, Crosby, 1960s and 2014


Mathew Street, 1960s and 2013


Mathew Street, 1960s and 2013


Old Haymarket, 1960s and 2013


Pier Head, 1960s and 2013


 Pier Head, 1960s and 2013


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