Jason Kelce shares a hilarious Eminem story involving Papa Kelce, and fans are going crazy. “He Took It Out &….”

Papa Kelce became the star of yet another funny story from the childhood of the Kelce brothers. In a recent episode of the “New Heights” podcast, Travis Kelce, the star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, recalled Eminem’s appearance at the Divisional Round game between the Lions and the Buccaneers. This led Jason to remember a hilarious incident from their childhood involving their father, Ed Kelce, and a certain Eminem CD.

The story unfolds with young Travis acquiring his first CD, Eminem’s renowned “The Eminem Show.” However, their dad, Ed, had other plans. Upon hearing the first few words of a song, he promptly took out the CD and flung it out the window, much to the amusement of Jason.

He stated, “Dad got into the car after you had bought that CD, and he took it out and threw it out the window.” Travis, surprisingly, didn’t recall the event, but Jason vividly remembered their father’s disapproval of the explicit 2002 album. “I remember that like it was yesterday,” he chuckled.

The fans once more were left highly amused by this little tidbit from the childhoods of the NFL’s most likable brother duo. One fan humorously noted, “Papa Kelce, the only man Eminem is afraid to diss.”

Another chimed in with a vivid reimagining of Ed’s actions, saying, “I can hear Ed saying, ‘Get the garbage outta here’ while throwing it out on the overpass.”

Another fan noted, “‘The Eminem Show’ was my first CD purchase as well,” which echoed the sentiments of many early 90s youngsters, reflecting the widespread influence of Eminem during that era.

Last week, Jason Kelce also addressed a more serious topic on the podcast: the swirling rumors of his retirement. In the Philadelphia Eagles’ tough playoff defeat to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, everyone’s eyes were on Jason Kelce. At 36, questions swirled about his future in the NFL. But Kelce, ever the thoughtful veteran, pumped the brakes on any rash decisions.

Jason Kelce made it clear that a decision of this magnitude about his future in football isn’t something to be made impulsively, especially right after a game. He highlighted the importance of taking a considered and reflective approach, giving due respect to those who have played a significant role in shaping his career.

All You Need to Know About Travis and Jason Kelce’s Father

Ed and Donna Kelce aren’t just any parents; they’re the rockstars behind a one-of-a-kind sports story. Their sons, Jason and Travis, have turned heads by being the first brother duo to face off in a Super Bowl. That’s right, Super Bowl LVII wasn’t just another Sunday for the Kelces; it was the high point of years of cheering, supporting, and loving football.

Donna Kelce was at the big game, rocking a half-Eagles, half-Chiefs shirt. Talk about being a supermom and rooting for both her sons equally! The game wrapped up with Travis and his Chiefs taking home the win against Jason’s Eagles. But here’s the thing: for the Kelces, it was all about being together as a family, win or lose.

Ed, who grew up in Cleveland just like his sons, was drawn to football during his high school years. Ed tried college for a while but soon felt a stronger pull toward serving his country, as per People.

Ed shared this with Jason and Travis on their show, New Heights. His plans to join the Army were thwarted by a knee injury, leading him to the Coast Guard instead. Moreover, a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease during boot camp altered his path once more.

However, Ed found great success in the steel industry. He often took Jason and Travis to the mill, showing them the ropes in full gear—hard hats, safety glasses, and boots. He wanted them to see the difference between the kinds of jobs available, as he explained to the Los Angeles Times, contrasting his work with their mother’s career.

The “New Heights” podcast episode with the Kelce brothers offered more than just a peek into a funny family story. It brought to light the warmth, humor, and solidarity of the Kelce family, resonating with fans and reflecting the universal experiences of many.

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