Inside their sprawling Philadelphia compound, Jason and Kylie Kelce flaunt their girls’ playroom remodel

Jason and Kylie Kelce have given their three daughters the gift of a new playroom for 2024.

The Philadelphia Eagles center and college athlete worked with Pottery Barn Kids to make over the space in their Philadelphia-area compound that would give Wyatt, Elliotte and Bennett a safe place in which to goof around.

“Family is everything. It’s really important to have this space feel cozy and comfortable,” Kylie, 31, said in a statement.

“We feel like the items are made with such great quality, whether it’s storage, a book shelf, something great that will look amazing in the space but also be kid durable.”

Surprising no one, the longtime couple leaned into shades of green in light of the family’s connection to the Eagles.

Jason and Kylie Kelce are showing off their recently made over playroom for their three daughters.Pottery Barn Kids

The couple partnered with Pottery Barn Kids to give their girls a comfortable and cozy place in which to goof around.Pottery Barn Kids

The renovated playroom is located in one of the couple’s homes on their Philadelphia-area compound.Pottery Barn Kids

“This beautiful sage was able to be incorporated both in the kids’ kitchen, accent wall, and also in this awesome tree rug,” Kylie shared in a statement.JON VACHON

“This beautiful sage was able to be incorporated both in the kids’ kitchen, accent wall, and also in this awesome tree rug,” she shared.

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