Harry Potter And The Cursed Child (2025) Teaser Trailer

A Harry Potter and the Cursed Child movie is likely to happen sometime in the future, but it would need to fix the stage play’s most unforgivable flaw to succeed. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child debuted in 2016, continuing the story from J.K. Rowling’s books and Warner Bros.’ movie adaptations. The play picks up when Harry and his friends are in their late 30s, and it follows the adventures and struggles of Harry’s youngest son, Albus.

The Harry Potter play has had a successful run in London’s West End and on Broadway, though it’s received its fair share of criticism from longtime fans.To be fair, The Cursed Child does make changes to the original canon that don’t make much sense, particularly when it comes to the usage of Time Turners and Voldemort’s characterization. These are story problems a Cursed Child movie would need to fix, as they’d likely be noticed by fans of the original Harry Potter movies. However, there’s one even greater flaw that a film adaptation would need to address — and doing so could create bigger problems for the plot.

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