GREMLINS 3 (2025) New Upcoming Movies

GREMLINS 3 (2025) New Upcoming Movies

The Gremlins 3 story explored the history and mythology of the creatures. The Christmas season is typically an unfavorable time to release a horror film. However, back in 1984, Warner Bros. and Steven Spielberg decided to challenge that notion. Not only did the two cinematic powerhouses opt to release what was a somewhat family-friendly monster movie, but they also set the film during the holidays. The end result was Gremlins, a hugely successful, terrifying and fun romp that kick-started a sort of mania over creatures called Mogwais and Gremlins.

After its initial success in 1984, Spielberg and co. decided to give the concept another go, delivering Gremlins II: The New Batch in 1990. The sequel failed to come anywhere near the success of its predecessor, indicating that perhaps the Gremlins mania that had so tightly gripped the 80’s was officially over. However, fans have always maintained that a third Gremlins needed to be made and a third entry has been teased for quite some time. Now, details about what a third movie would have entailed have been revealed.

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