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Gone Girl 2 Updates: Why The Sequel Could Happen

The original movie was based on the acclaimed novel but is Gone Girl 2 possible? The movie was released in 2014 and was directed by David Fincher.

While the movie hardly seems like an obvious candidate for a sequel, could Gone Girl 2 actually happen? David Fincher is (rightfully) regarded as one of the greatest working directors, though his career almost ended before it really began. He was hired at the last minute on Alien 3 when the previous director jumped ship, and Fincher’s nightmarish experience making the sequel is well known. Studio interference, an unfinished script and a tight deadline were just some of the headaches involved and he almost quit the business afterward.

Thankfully, he came on board to direct twisted serial killer Seven and the rest is history. Fight Club, The Social Network, and Zodiac are considered some of his best work, and he’s also behind Netflix’s acclaimed series Mindhunter. The last movie project he was attached to was World War Z 2, which was ultimately canceled at the beginning of 2019.

His last movie to date was 2014’s Gone Girl, which was based on the acclaimed novel by Gillian Flynn (Dark Places). The movie was a critical and commercial hit, so is Gone Girl 2 possible?

Gone Girl Ends With The Dunnes Expecting A Child

The setup for Gone Girl revolves around the disappearance of Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike), who may or may not have been murdered by her husband Nick (Ben Affleck, Batman V Superman). It’s ultimately revealed Amy staged her disappearance as revenge for Nick cheating on her but after some jaw-dropping twists, they end up back together.

Amy is pregnant with Nick’s child via artificial insemination, but despite the fact Nick despises her and knows she’s a sociopath, he decides to stay with her to keep their child safe.

Gone Girl 2 Could Focus On Nick & Amy’s Teenage Child

While Gillian Flynn maintains the ending of Gone Girl wasn’t meant as sequel bait, she’s admitted to being interested in revisiting the Dunnes a few years down the road. Rosamund Pike and co-star Tyler Perry have also said they’d be interested in returning if Flynn wrote a Gone Girl 2.

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In an E! interview Flynn teased Gone Girl 2 would likely fast-forward to focus on the Dunnes’ teenage child. That sets up all kinds of possibilities, but the author has yet to pen either a book or script.

Gone Girl 2 Is Possible

The original Gone Girl was a big success and key cast and crew are interested, so Gone Girl 2 is a possibility. If it will focus on the Dunnes’ teen child it makes sense to let Affleck and Pike age a little, but the big question mark is David Fincher’s involvement. He’s never directed a sequel to his own work and unless he really loves the story, he could easily pass, which would likely end the possibility of the film being made.

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