“God of War : Live Action Movie (2025)

God of War (2025) Official Live-Action Series
Dwayne Johnson is a popular choice among fans to play Kratos in the God of War show.
The immensely successful God of War franchise revolutionized the gaming industry with its 2018 reboot, establishing a new standard for storytelling. With sales surpassing 37 million units across PS4, PS5, and PC, it left an indelible mark. Now, poised to transition to the entertainment realm, God of War is poised to make an equally significant impact.
Towards the end of 2022, Sony officially announced the development of a God of War TV series on Amazon Prime Video. Shortly after, fans began speculating about the ideal actor to portray the iconic bald and muscular protagonist, Kratos. One name that consistently emerged with these criteria in mind was Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, with many assuming he had already been cast in the role.
Amidst speculation about the casting of Kratos, one fan’s tweet claimed that the show’s directors were “”strongly considering”” Dwayne Johnson for the role, according to TMZ. The tweet garnered 40,000 likes and reached an audience of 21.2 million people. “


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