Fantastic Color Snapshots of England in the early 1970s.

These fantastic color snapshots were taken in London, Canterbury, and Painswick by amateur photographer David C. Cook when he made a trip to England in October 1972.

 Regent St. dept. stores, London, 1972


 Ride with Johnnie Walker, London, 1972


 Somewhere near the St. Mary’s church in Painswick, Gloucestershire, England, 1972


 South of Westgate, Canterbury, 1972


 St. Mary’s Street, Painswick, 1972


The Antique & Curios shoppe is now oddly-named Mexican restaurant Cafe des Amis, Canterbury, 1972


The Old Weavers’ House, Canterbury, 1972


Three women are about to walk past the Painswick Post Office on New Street, Painswick, 1972


A bicyclist carries his ladder to work, Canterbury, 1972


A group of school children and their chaperones all frolic in a park in Canterbury, Kent, 1972


A tower of Westgate, Canterbury, 1972


Buttermarket and Burgate, Canterbury, 1972


Electric Kebabs, Canterbury, 1972


Lambeth Bridge, London, 1972


Locking Piece, London, 1972


Mercury Lane Lovers, Canterbury, 1972


Mercury Lane Stroll, Canterbury, 1972


 On Tibbiwell Lane in Painswick, Gloucestershire, England, 1972


 Paved High Street, Canterbury, 1972

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