Exploring the Controversy: Top Reasons Why Some People Dislike FRIENDS

FRIENDS is one of the most popular sitcoms ever made. Even though it has been more than a decade since it went off air, it still occupies a special place in the hearts of the fans. I understand more than half of this world’s population is a huge fan of FRIENDS but that surely doesn’t mean that everyone has to like it. In fact there is a tiny fragment of the population that secretly hates the show but is too scared to admit it owing to the wrath of the fanatics. Here are the top reasons why some people hate FRIENDS and consider it the worst T.V show ever!

1. It’s Way Too Unrealistic

This is one of the reasons why some people hate FRIENDS. Believe it or not, but Phoebe doesn’t have a real job most of the time and yet she has her own apartment. Ross got his PhD way too soon. Most of them have been shown unemployed for long durations and still there is no reduction in their luxuries. In fact, all these characters are clearly not experienced enough for the jobs they do have. Well, that is just too much of a fairy tale. Maybe because of this people hate friends.

2. They Picked On Ross Way Too Much

Remember how Chandler and Phoebe used to exaggerate sleepy feeling and highlighted it with snorting sounds whenever Ross was in the middle of a sentence discussing about his interest, science or some history fact? The show embraces stupidity as a quality. Through the character of Dr. Ross Geller, it is taken for granted that you would be bullied or picked upon if you are an educated and intellectual person who knows things.

3. Ross Is A Whiny Sociopath

Ross is always upset about how his wife left him for a woman, but let’s be real, any sane person would get sick of his constant whining.  Bad things happen to people but this whiner just doesn’t seem to move on! And about that sandwich his colleague ate he lost his temper over that? Definitely a trip to a mental asylum is needed over here!

4.They Tortured Chandler

Remember all the gay jokes and constant insults? Could it ‘BE’ any hurtful? Friends give each other a hard time but it is only okay to a certain extent. But the rest of the idiots especially Phoebe literally tortured Chandler. This shows a total disregard to another person’s feelings especially if you call that person a ‘FRIEND’.

5. Body Shaming

What was with always making fun of Monica’s size and Chandler’s bicep? What message does this kind of body shaming gives to the audience? They laugh at Monica without thinking twice about their loved ones who are obese, or who might be a little overweight.  I feel pity for the people who laugh at such jokes.

6. Phoebe Is Way Too Casual

Her mom committed suicide and her step dad went to prison. She used to mug people to buy food. Yet she was way too casual about her tragic back story. Even more pathetic, she used her mom’s suicide as an excuse to get her way. How can a sane person even think about something like that?

7. Ross And Monica Are Super Open With Each Other

This is the sickest brother- sister relationship ever! What kind of a sick freak talks about their sex life with their younger sister or elder brother?

8.Phoebe’s Take On Life

Phoebe totally led on both Mike and David. She kissed David when she was with Mike.  It was just really bad when she told David if he had asked her first to marry him before Mike she might’ve said yes. This is the sign of someone not ready to handle marriage. She made marriage look like some kind of a joke.

9. Rachel Is A Selfish, Indecisive Bitch

Running out on her wedding, I see. If she was so unsure why did she said yes in the first place? And she blamed Ross for cheating on her. That ‘we were on a break’ thing was totally her fault. I agree that you make friends at your workplace be it male or female but it seemed that she was trying to make Ross insecure by being way too close to that Mark guy. She couldn’t have blown off a co worker but at least she could have done is to be subtle and not be too personal with Mark. She was the one who suggested a break. Moreover she let Mark to come over to her place that day.

10. Joey Is A Total Creep

His attitude is one of the major reasons why some people hate FRIENDS. Have any of you ladies ever been hit on by a dude in a tight T-shirt and a funny hat anywhere at all? You’ve got Joey Tribbiani to blame. He views each woman as a potential conquest. Characters always manage to be idolized somehow and he gives a very wrong message to the society. How Phoebe, Rachel and Monica put up with this kind of behavior is still a big question mark.

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