“Dracula Untold 2 (2024)

Dracula Untold 2 (2024) ~ Trailer Fanmade/Concept | Luke Evans, Charles  Dance, Sarah Gadon
Abigail has a lot of fun with its vampiric roots, quietly featuring some clear connections to the mythos of previous Dracula stories — as well as a potential appearance by the most famous vampire himself. Abigail focuses on a group of seemingly unconnected criminals who are hired to kidnap the titular little girl in hopes of a massive payout from her mysterious wealthy father. However, the group is shocked to discover that the girl is in fact a centuries-old vampire, who stalks the group through a mansion and steadily picks them off one by one throughout the film in grisly ways.
Review: 'Dracula Untold' 2 stars
It’s a fun genre fusion of a criminal thriller and a gore-filled horror film. The latter of which makes perfect sense, given that Abigail quietly functions as a reimagining of the Universal monster movie Dracula’s Daughter. Within the film itself, this connection is slowly teased to be a more literal bond, with one of Abigail’s most intimidating characters quietly hinting at a deeper history than the film is willing to reveal. It adds an interesting layer of intrigue and mystery to the story, potentially setting the stage for a new take on the Dracula mythos in a prospective Abigail 2. “


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