Desire for a Rick & Daryl Reunion Intensifies After The Ones Who Live Episode 4

Rick and Daryl’s Walking Dead reunion has been a possibility for years, but The Ones Who Live episode 4 means it needs to happen now more than ever.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for episodes 1-4 of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.


  • Rick and Daryl’s reunion is long overdue, and Michonne’s reveal in episode 4 increases the desire for them to meet again.
  • Michonne tells Rick about Daryl’s search for him, but leaves out crucial details, adding to the anticipation of their reunion.
  • The Walking Dead must give Rick and Daryl a reunion, as their history and popularity make it a necessary and emotional moment.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live episode 4 increased the need for a Rick and Daryl reunion after an emotional and intense episode. Rick and Daryl last shared the screen together in The Walking Dead season 9, back in 2018, and their reunion is needed now more than ever. Both characters have been part of the series since season 1 and have become two of The Walking Dead‘s longest-surviving characters. Although they didn’t get along initially, Rick and Daryl slowly formed a strong friendship and their bromance has become one of the most iconic parts of the franchise.

After Rick Grimes’ Walking Dead exit in season 9, Daryl spent years searching for the protagonist but never found him. The amount of time Daryl dedicates to finding Rick proves how much he cares about him, and the lack of closure makes their story feel incomplete. Rick’s return to the franchise opened up all kinds of reunion opportunities, and The Ones Who Live episode 4 increased the desire for the protagonist to reunite with Daryl. Fans were already craving the two sharing a screen again, but Rick and Michonne’s conversation in “What We” means the reunion must happen.

Rick Learns About Daryl Looking For Him In The Ones Who Live Episode 4

Michonne Finally Tells Rick About Daryl’s Search

Episode 4 of The Ones Who Live focuses largely on Rick and Michonne’s relationship and their different ways of thinking. After spending so many years trapped in the CRM, Rick has become colder and more pessimistic, dismissing Michonne’s optimism about escaping. It takes most of the episode for them to finally connect, but when they do, Michonne tells Rick about Daryl’s attempt to find him. Michonne mentions how she and Daryl spent every day searching for him, which is how they eventually got their X-shaped scars, and this small mention lets Rick know how important he is to Daryl.

Michonne hasn’t had the opportunity to mention much about what happened in Alexandria other than details about their children. While Michonne tells Rick about his son, she doesn’t bring up any of the crucial things that happened before she left, like the war against the Whisperers or Negan’s redemption. The fact that she mentions Daryl is evidence that Michonne felt his search was important. Given their history, Daryl’s dedication to finding him will likely mean a lot to Rick and only adds to the necessity of their Walking Dead reunion.

Rick Still Doesn’t Know The Full Story About Daryl’s Search

Michonne Leaves Out Some Big Details Regarding Daryl’s Journey To Find Rick

She tells Rick that they both spent every day looking for him, but Michonne doesn’t expand on how desperate Daryl was to find him.

Although Michonne mentions Daryl, she does leave out some crucial details about his pursuit to find Rick. She tells Rick that they both spent every day looking for him, but Michonne doesn’t expand on how desperate Daryl was to find him. After revealing that she stopped looking for him so she could raise her children, Michonne fails to mention that Daryl gave years of his life looking for Rick.The Walking Dead‘s time jump shows that Daryl isolated himself and left Alexandria to find any sign of Rick, spending at least six years away from the main group.

While he did spend some of that time with Leah, Daryl’s search was more extreme than what Michonne suggested. It may sound bad to reveal she gave up while Daryl continued, but withholding these details doesn’t give Rick the full picture. The protagonist doesn’t ask about Daryl, but if he knew how long the search lasted, he may have had some questions. Despite everything they’ve been through, Rick and Daryl only spent three years together in The Walking Dead universe, meaning Daryl spent double that searching for him, proving how much he cared about finding Rick.


The Walking Dead Has To Give Rick & Daryl A Reunion Now, Right?

Rick & Daryl’s History Suggests A Reunion Must Happen

Aside from Michonne and his children, Daryl is likely the most important person still in Rick’s life.

With Rick now having some idea about Daryl’s commitment to finding him, it sets up a future Walking Dead reunion. While The Ones Who Live still has numerous ways it could end, it seems unlikely that Rick will be denied the chance to properly meet his children. It is possible the spinoff runs into a second season or sets up a crossover, but surely the franchise won’t bring back its protagonist without allowing him to reunite with his loved ones. Aside from Michonne and his children, Daryl is likely the most important person still in Rick’s life.

Concluding Rick and Daryl’s story without them reuniting would feel like a wasted opportunity. With Rick finally back in the franchise, he can have so many emotional reunions, and Daryl’s would be the most impactful. Given other important characters in Rick’s story – like Morgan and Negan – haven’t been mentioned in the spinoff, there is some significance in Michonne dropping Daryl’s name. Even if Rick doesn’t escape the CRM in The Ones Who Live, the franchise must capitalize on the duo’s popularity and make Rick and Daryl’s reunion happen.

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