“Colin Montgomerie’s Bold Advice to Tiger Woods: Is Retirement on the Horizon?”

“There is a time to go” – Tiger Woods told to consider retirement by former rival Colin Montgomerie

Tiger Woods told to consider retirement by former PGA Tour rival

It wasn’t the prettiest outing for Tiger Woods at the Masters. In fact, it was one of his worst. The legendary golfer made the cut before falling apart, shooting 10 over in round three (his worst Major round ever) and finishing dead last at 16 over (the worst score for a Major in his career). After he made the cut, he didn’t resemble the star golfer he used to be, and Colin Montgomerie took notice of that.

Montgomerie and Woods were rivals on tour, and the golfer believes Woods should have called it a day shortly after his life-threatening car crash in 2021. He has played sparingly since then, but with little effectiveness.

Via Mirror, Montgomerie said:

“I just wish Tiger had gone after he waved on that Swilken bridge at St Andrews a couple of years ago. He’s kept going, he thinks he can do it but it’s quite obvious now physically and mentally, that he can’t.”

He said that Woods’ plan to compete once monthly on the PGA Tour wasn’t going to allow him to contend with the tour’s best golfers anymore. He reiterated his wish that Woods would have hung it up a few years ago and believes he might have sneakily waved goodbye to the golf world when he tipped his cap after finishing the 18th hole at Augusta National.

Montgomerie knows what Woods’ stated plans are, but wonders if the golfer hasn’t learned what Montgomerie believes he should have known well before now:

“He says he’s going to play the PGA next month. We wish him well of course we do. He’s been our sport really for the last 15-20 years and congratulations to him. But there is a time to go. There is a right time to go and there is a wrong time and I think he’s delaying it a little bit long now.”

Woods did confirm after the final round on Sunday that he plans on playing the PGA Championship, U.S. Open and Open Championship this year at least, so he’s not retiring now.

Given that he has a lifetime of invitations to the Masters thanks to his victories in the tournament, he could return to play again even if he did retire from the PGA Tour, but it’s not clear if that’s what Woods plans to do any time soon.

Is Tiger Woods retiring any time soon?

After everything that happened to Tiger Woods, there will be questions about whether or not he’s going to walk away. Barring an unforeseen few more Major victories and another PGA Tour win, Woods has done pretty much everything he can do in this sport and holds all sorts of records.Is Tiger Woods calling it a career?

There are questions now following a pretty disastrous outing at the Masters. There were questions after he announced his split from Nike. There will be questions again in the future since he’s 48 years old.

However, as of now, there’s no indication that Woods is going to call it quits and instead he will continue to appear semi-regularly in the world of golf.

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