CAPTAIN AMERICA 4 : BRAVE NEW WORLD (2024) – Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie!


Steve Rogers time travels to current time and teams up with Sam Wilson, Bucky and Captain Carter to fix the timeline. Captain America 4 is set to come out with Anthony Mackie as the new Captain America. Since the trailer version I made with him did not do well in the channel, instead the concept with Chris Evans returning did good, I had to make another one. Fortunately old Steve Roger’s location is a mystery so I had an idea. The previews version about Steve Rogers going back to 1940’s after sending the stones back and living with Peggy I realize is not interesting and would repeat the first avenger story. So I made this version about Steve Rogers time travelling to the present MCU timeline and asking Sam Wilson for help. Using line from Chris Evan’s Omaze prank “This is Captain America I need your help…”

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