Amazing Photographs Of Dads Introducing Their Children.

The rush of emotions you feel the first time you see your newborn is indescribable – you feel love, relief, and excitement all at once. The thrill and intensity of birth are almost impossible to describe in words, but these photographs of fathers meeting their babies for the first time capture the ecstasy and intensity. To truly comprehend the special link between father and baby, you must witness it. The experience of being a parent who is physically giving birth and the experience of being a parent who is standing by has a distinct distinction.

Many fathers have described being in wonder as they watched their partner give birth, while others have described being awed. Most parents are overcome with emotion once their child is in their arms, unable to put into words how they felt when they first met their child.

These images, many of which were submitted to the 2019 Birth Becomes Her Photo Contest, highlight the beautiful and powerful relationship between father and child from the moment the newborn enters their life, providing visual proof of the instant connection when words fail.

Love At First Sight

In this photo by Ashley of Hello BéBé Full Spectrum Birth Services, a father looks at his child while his partner holds their new baby only seconds after he or she was born, the emotion is evident. The father seems close to tears as he angles his body towards his family, and everything about the image conveys how much love this couple has for their little bundle.

Pure Joy

This photo, captured by Alyssa Kapnik Samuel, shows a new father cuddling his baby and grinning as widely as he can. The new dad’s overwhelming happiness is contagious.

Finally, Finally

This amazing shot, submitted by the photographers at Fox Valley Birth and Baby, portrays the moment a couple meets their surrogate baby. The father cradles his child and his partner, looking at them both with devotion. The father’s love is evident in his emotional expression.

Tearful and Tired

Just seconds after this baby was born, the hospital team laid this child on his mom’s chest, with his dad looking at his child with tears in his eyes as documented by Lisa Lord of Lilo Photography.  It’s a euphoric photo of family bonding, and the father’s tenderness emanates.

Papa Bear

In this photo also captured by Lisa Lord, a father watches over his kid as he receives oxygen treatment shortly after his delivery. Dad wants to be with his child while he is being treated by doctors, sticking by his side while he adjusts to his new surroundings.

First Kiss

This sweet photo, taken by Lisa Lord, While hospital professionals, clean him up, Dad softly kisses his baby’s fingers, treating him with the utmost care. Their gazes are drawn to one another, love flowing between father and son.

The Big Moment

This photo, captured by Norma Hess of Norma Hess Photography, shows a father seeing his child come into the world. The father looks on as the baby breathes in the world, and his outstretched arms show how much he already wants to have his child close to him.

There You Are

In this shot by Erin Fortney, dad and baby practically grasp for each other. At the time, all dad could think about was his baby.

First Hug

A dad holds his baby in this image captured by Crawford Morris, with mom looking on lovingly at the pair. Dad rests his chest on the baby’s chest and his face on the baby’s head. Warmth radiates from the parents.


Even if you tried, you couldn’t ignore the excitement in this shot by Brianne Sanders Photography. Dad appears to be in a state of euphoria about the arrival of their child. The photo is enhanced by his delightfully closed eyelids.

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