70 Fascinating Vintage Color Photographs That Capture Life in Leeds in the 1970s

A glimpse into 1970s Leeds is captured on these nostalgic images which show a very different city to the one we know. The photographs were taken by Eric Miles.

Shoppers crossing Lands Lane.

Opposite the Parkinson Building on Woodhouse Lane – Austicks for stationery, Ainsley’s for sandwiches.


Pedestrianisation – looking towards Betty’s Cafe – and Peter Lord if you want some Clarks Shoes.


Kirkgate Market still covered in grime. And new premises for the Leeds not-so-Permanent in the long run Building Society. High & Mighty on the extreme left and Thom’s.


Entrance to Kirkgate Market with its wonderful Victorian facade.


This is one of the arcades that criss cross the city centre.


Inside the market hall – a markedly different shopping experience from that in the ‘arcades’.


Interior of one of the Victorian Arcades. In those days you could pop in to a tool factor/ironmongers and seek advice on the right kit for making a stopped-housing joint.


Big Mechanical-Clock in Thornton’s Arcade.


Parkinson Building and Tower.


University originated as the Yorkshire College of Science. This is the Great Hall designed by Alfred Waterhouse RA in the inevitable Gothic style, and built in the 1880s for £22,000.


Lower Briggate.


Exterior of Thornton’s Arcade.


Newsome’s Famous Flower Corner in the Indoor Market.


Shop in that part of Kirkgate Market.


Parkinson Building on Woodhouse Lane.


Parkinson Building on Woodhouse Lane. The Morris Motor Company appears to have a monopoly on transport.


The halls of academe, Leeds University.


The Empire on which the concrete never sets. Style a bit different compared to the Great Hall.


Graduation Day 1973 – entrance to the Clothworkers’ Court.


Sunday Morning. Woodhouse Moor.


City of Leeds and Carnegie hall of residence.


Horse and cart on Brudenell Road


Brudenell Road, looking towards the Royal Park pub.


Slum clearance, near Burley road, 1972.


Slum clearance, Burley Road.


Slum clearance, Burley Road.


Walking across the clearance area towards the Kirkstall Road.


Slum clearance.


Fishing on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal near Armley.


Snow? An upturned table and a dry grass slope are all you need.


Street play with what’s available – Leeds 4 area.


Leeds-Liverpool Canal 1973.


Sporting Arena. Definitely not Headingley – cricket at Roundhay Park.


Temple Newsam, Whitsun, 1975.


Urban River Bank.


Theatreland, Upper Briggate. The coach would’ve been operated by the splendidly named West Yorkshire Road Car Company.


Top end of Vicar Lane. To your right – the ABC cinema. To your left – Tate of Leeds: Ford dealers – The ‘NEW ESCORT’ is ‘now on show’.


Exact whereabouts forgotten – but the street sign [centre left] might say Rillbank Lane.


Department Stores – on your right: Debenhams. On your left: Lewis’s – which was nothing to do with John Lewis.


The pavement is our playground.


Kirkstall Abbey.


River Aire.


Bank Holiday fishing in the Leeds-Liverpool Canal.


Moorland Road – waiting to make a call.


Simple fun in the children’s playground propelled by push power.


Delph Lane area.


Kirkstall Road, looking towards YTV Studios.


Cardigan Road. Coal Depot.


Kirkgate Market.


Albion Place looking east towards Briggate.


Lands Lane.


Number 58 Circular ascending Belle Vue Road.


Woodhouse Moor. More simple pleasures from a bygone era.


Branksome Place.


Church demolition.


Brudenell Road.


City of Leeds and Carnegie College – Main Building.


Town Hall.


Even the dog gets a turn at skipping.


Temple Newsam. Courtyard Cafe.


Temple Newsam. Whitsun 1975 – Rhododendron time.


Lands Lane.


City Square. Exhibition Hall.


City Square.


The leafy suburbs. Probably near Weetwood Lane, What is that wonderful white car?


Bardon Grange.


Looking towards Kirkstall Road.


In the foreground – Housing. In the background – Industry.


Looking across Burley Road past the Fire Station to Yorkshire Chemicals.

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