56 Amazing Vintage Photos of Everyday Life in London in the 1920s

Most of the pictures here come from the triple volume Wonderful London, with many of them by photographer Donald McLeish. Published in the 1920s and long out of print, this huge work is an astonishing feat and a valuable addition to the history of the capital.

 The Thames & Tower BridgeSheep in the Strand


Cricket on Parliament Hill Fields


Young boy with policewomen


Football in the east end


Serpentine, Hyde Park


Hyde Park


Portable bells and pram


Site of Millenium Bridge & Tate Modern


Hyde Park


Hampstead Heath donkey rides


Lincoln’s Inn Fields


Whitestone Pond, Hampstead Heath


Trafalgar Square


Charlie Chaplin tribute act!


Children at play


Street toy sellers, Holborn


Hampstead ponds


Fog in Charing Cross


Lunch break by the Tower Of London


Water cart, Poplar



London in the 1920’s


Sheep by the Serpentine


Whip Woman


Ice-cream seller


Islington window cleaner


All night coffee stall, Hyde Park Corner


Breton onion seller


Billingsgate & Monument


Chimney sweep




Pavement artist, Victoria Embankment


The cats-meat man


Caledonian Market


Caledonian Market


Farringdon, in the precincts of old Alsatia


Westminster Bridge


Telephone engineer, Mayfair


pea shellers


ladies rifle club, rooftop, Strand House


Street brass band


Street musicians


Street escapologist


Borough of Stepney


Street hawkers, King’s Cross


Street gramophone player


Street organ grinder


Street entertainers


Golf on Adelaide House


Street knife grinder


Selling programmes and favours outside Chelsea Football Club


The fortune telling parrakeet


Street hawker


Street flower seller, Victoria


 Street shoeblack

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