Who is Ekane? Influencer Sparks Controversy by Claiming Megan Thee Stallion Can’t Rap and Praising Nicki Minaj in Viral Video

“Oh my god, a*s, a*s, a*s, pus*y, pus*y, pus*y. Is there anything else you can yap about honey? Can we get some entendres? Can we get some metaphors?,” Ekane said.

She further compared Megan Thee Stallion to Nicki Minaj and said

“Ain’t nobody better than Nicki Minaj. If you grew up with Nicki Minaj you would know, I don’t think… y’all too young to love Nicki to know about her.”

For those uninitiated, Ekane, whose real name is Erica Kane, is a 24-year-old social media influencer best known for her story-time and comedic videos. She is also a content creator who frequently posts about her life on Instagram, where she has over 800,000 followers.

Ekane appeared unimpressed with Megan Thee Stallion’s song, bringing up Minaj’s lyrical abilities.

“Can’t nobody f**k with her (Nicki Minaj)… her similes, her metaphors, her triple entendres… she’s the baddest at anything,” Ekane said about Nicki Minaj.

Continuing to criticize the WAP rapper, the influencer said,

“I want you to name one Megan Thee Stallion bar where she is not talking about her pu*sy.”Erica Kane aka Ekane was 𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧 in Michigan

The Michigan native is a social media influencer who is also frequently active on her YouTube channel, where she has amassed over 170K subscribers. Her latest video, part of the series titled MAJOR VLOG TING , shows her buying food and indulging in a pizza, among other things.

Her fans frequently purchase the products she recommends on her social media accounts. As a result, she has her own Amazon storefront where she posts links to the makeup and wig products she uses, as well as her styling tools.

As Kane took to the internet to share her thoughts on the musician, Megan has been preparing for the release of her third studio album, which is expected to be released on June 28. The album titled Megan was recorded under her own music label, Hot Girl Productions.

The album will reportedly include the tracks Cobra, Boa, and Hiss, with the latter being the focal point of her heated feud with Nicki Minaj.

Speaking about her upcoming album, Megan said in an interview with L’OFFICIEL on May 30, 2024:

“I’m really not focused on the negativity on my album. I have a lot of different songs on the album because my emotion doesn’t stop at anger. My emotion doesn’t stop at sadness because I did grow and I did start feeling more things.”

Megan continued:

“I started feeling really happy. So you have songs on the album that are about the positive times that I’m starting to have. You get a little bit of everything.”

Meanwhile, she continues to be on her Hot Girl Summer tour, with her upcoming stops being in North Carolina and Florida.

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