Sad Little Stick-In-The-Mud Who Had To Beg Mum For A Leg-Up


Elephants, whether young or old, like wallowing in the mud. When you’re a newborn, though, standing up in all that delicious slippery goo after playing requires a tremendous amount of work. Take a look at this cute little guy. After a futile attempt to get back on his feet on his own, which resulted in him landing unceremoniously on his rear, there was only one thing left to do: dial Mum’s number.

The baby’s cry for ʀᴇsᴄᴜᴇ was recorded in these images shot in Kenya’s Maasai Mara game reserve amid severe rainfall during the rainy season. As he thrashed around, the African elephant, estimated to be six months to a year old, had turned over and was being more caked in muck.

But it didn’t take long for his mother to come to his aid, coming closer to him so he could take cover beneath her big bulk before assuring that his second attempt to stand up — utilizing her legs for support in the sloppy circumstances — was successful.


He eventually got up and they were able to go away together, but it wasn’t long before she lay down for a pleasant bath and some well-deserved relaxation. While following migratory wildebeest, wildlife photographer Andy Rouse obtained the delightful sequence of photos.

‘We spotted a herd of elephants speeding by,’ he claims. ‘When it rains, they know which places are likely to flood and be ideal for mud wallowing.’


‘They slid right into this flooded area of land and were having a great time.’ They spent roughly 30 minutes in the mud. They like frolicking in the mud, and the dirt protects their skin from the sun and bug ᴀᴛᴛᴀᴄᴋs. However, for little children, getting back up maybe a nightmare.

This one took around five minutes. After seeking refuge between his mother’s legs, he made it. Her legs provided him with a sturdy back against which he could stand. It was a lot of fun to see, but it was also a very beautiful and unique experience for everyone.’

African elephants are somewhat larger than Asian elephants and are the world’s biggest land creatures, living up to 70 years in the wild.

Elephants are committed to having children, with females typically giving birth to one calf every two to four years following a 22-month pregnancy, the longest of any animal.

So it’s no surprise that the mother is willing to wait if it takes a few additional minutes to pull junior out of the muck.


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