“Quick, Take A Picture! Your Baby Is A Miracle!”

If you just welcomed a baby, congrats! Now, that baby ought to be in pictures – lots of pictures! Baby’s first day is a moment to be remembered and captured on film. For some moms, it takes looking back at photos of the day to actually recall some of the events.

Before handing your camera over to a friend or relative who’s promised to capture it all, make a list of the pictures you want to ensure are recorded before everyone falls asleep. The treasure trove of a baby’s first pictures is always nice to dig into later and be amazed at the journey so far.

Here are our top 10 must-take photos on baby’s first day.

  1. Little Feet Have A Lot To Say

You can’t stop being amused at how tiny baby feet are.

  1. Siblings’ First Visit

The older one is so mesmerized by the little one already!

  1. Doctor Showing The Baby

The little one has got a few months to go before it can hold its head steady.

  1. Snoozing

You can’t miss that expression! Something to remember until this little thing and its siblings are all grown up and can look back on their childhoods and laugh at their silly expressions.

  1. Babies Bring Couples Closer

A happy family!

  1. An Impression For A Lifetime

Something indelible!

  1. A Baby On Its First Day With Its Father

We usually have mums and babies images, but daddy simply rocks this one.

  1. Little Ones Are So Helpless

And that is what makes you go, ‘Awww’…

  1. Holding Hands

Beautiful bond!

  1. That Look Of Innocence

You simply fall in love with that dreamy gaze.



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