Newborn baby survives thanks to being warmed by puppies overnight..

The newborn was discovered by locals in a field in the Saristal village of Lormi, Chahhattisgarph province at around 11am on December 20. The baby lay with the puppies, completely unharmed, and was found by people crying.

Indian media reported that the dog’s mother found the first baby girl – with the umbilical cord intact and undressed. The mother dog lay down next to the baby and then the puppies came to lie down with him.

Local government representative Munnala Patel said a group of laborers discovered the child while on their way to work. These people recounted: “At 11am, we heard a baby crying and lying next to puppies in the village. We panicked and informed the medical department first, then the baby was taken care of. taken to the hospital for further examination”.

Another local, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “It is possible that the warmth from the puppies and their mother helped the newborn survive.”

In addition, residents also added that the girl’s ability to survive the night was a “miracle” because the temperature in the area at this time of year dropped to extremely low. Besides, wild dogs are often very aggressive, but she was lucky not to be attacked by them.

Premnath, a villager, said: “Those who gave birth to the baby are not worthy of being parents, they are criminals. It is a miracle that the baby is found alive while the wild dogs are still lurking around the village from time to time. late at night”.

The girl is now named Akanksha. Police are investigating the incident and looking for Akanksha’s biological parents.


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