Mom Was Sʜᴏᴄᴋ Who Was Told She Would Not Be Able To Have Any More Children Has Given Birth To Triplets

Elise Mitchell, 33, and her partner Paul Taylor, 41, welcomed the three miracle babies last Thursday after they were born by emergency cesarean at Royal Oldham Hospital. Although doctors had previously told Elise she wouldn’t be able to have any more children after she had to have surgery on her ovaries four years ago. Elise Mitchell and her partner Paul Taylor from Rochdale, who believed they were unable to conceive, say they are ‘thrilled’ to welcome the new additions to the family.

Paul said: “It was a really lovely surprise. We have only been together a year and Elise told me she couldn’t have any more children and we had children of our own so it was okay. In February, things weren’t quite right and we went to the doctors and they asked us if there was a chance Elise could be pregnant. We told them there wasn’t but did a pregnancy test anyway and it came back positive.”

After going for another check-up, the couple were then told they would be having triplets. Paul said:” To go from being told you can’t have children, to being told you’re having three is pretty shocking – when we got the news we were so thrilled. We both have children from our previous relationships – Elise has a son aged 10 and I have two daughters aged 10 and nine so it’s going to be a busy house. We are going to have to buy new cars and probably extend the house as well now.”


The triplets, who were born prematurely at 33 weeks, are doing well, but have remained in incubators since Thursday due to their size. Lily was born weighing 2lb 13 ounces, Lucy was 3lb 8 ounces and Arthur was 3lb 15 ounces. Elise added: “I’m doing good, the babies are doing really well. I’m back home now and we are visiting them every day. It’s really overwhelming, but it’s lovely. They are gorgeous. Hopefully they won’t be in there for long, but the staff at the hospital have been amazing”.



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