Hello, World! 15 Brand-New Babies Making Some Serious Funny Faces

Newborn babies can make the most hilarious faces! Which is understandable – being out in the world is a lot to take in. These babies range in expression from eerily grumpy to ecstatic to be in their mothers’ arms. Some seem to be preening for the camera while others can’t quit poking their tongues out. Despite the fact that it is hard to tell what individuals are truly thinking, the photographers who captured these pictures did their best to make an educated estimate…. and we’d say they’re probably pretty on target!

To highlight the full range of funny faces a baby might pull, check out these photos of babies taken mere minutes after they’re born. These 15 Newborn Babies Making Funny Faces Will Fill Your Heart With Joy:

Oh, Baby! This is my nephew,” says photographer Janelle Kamp. “I think he is saying, ‘doula, birth photographer AND my auntie… Ooooohhh!””

Put Me Back! “I think this is a perfect face, whilst not even fully born yet,” says photographer Keri-Anne Dilworth. “I think he’s not thrilled about being vacated from his home!”

Whew. What a Trip! “This kid looks like he’s thinking ‘Yeah, that’s right. I just rocked that birth journey!” jokes Freund. “Here I am, world.”

Not Modest At All: “This baby was born 10 minutes earlier,” says photographer Christiane Pereira. “In her father’s arms, she was completely alert. Take another picture, I know I’m cute, she thinks.”

Happy Baby: “Twenty minutes after he was born, this was back in his mom’s arms… and he just smiled. He really did,” says Pereira. “He’s thinking, ‘So you are my mom.”

I Can Fly! “This baby girl flew up into mom’s arm,” says Nicole. “Can I get an amen?”

Do I Have to? “This baby was born covered in meconium – a lot of it,” says Pereira. “She is thinking, ‘Who

turned this lights on?””

Nice Pad! “It doesn’t matter how gentle the birth, and this one was incredible, but babies with water in their eyes are too funny!” says photographer Tammy Schmit. “The little boy appears to be admiring his brand-new residence and musing, “The high ceilings are wonderful, but the light fixtures are a touch old, no?

Taking It All In: “This photo was taken ten minutes after a natural birth,” says Pereira. “He’s thinking. ‘Hello World.”

Easy, Easy! “This image is from an unplanned C-section, and mama was finally getting to inspect her sweet boy.” says Schmit. “I think the baby is thinking, ‘I get it, I get it! You love me and want to keep me safe, but loosen the grip a little, please?””

Hands Off, Bud! “I think this baby was thinking, ‘Can you hurry this exam? I was really enjoying the newfound food!”” laughs Ditzel.

Who You Lookin’ At? “In this photo, Grandma was holding and talking to baby for the first time,” says Lent. “She remarked that the infant kept poking her tiny tongue out at everyone, suggesting that she would become troublesome in the future.”

Mwah Ha Ha… “This baby is clearly channeling Dr. Evil from Austin Powers,” jokes Ditzel.

Such a Grump! “She remarked that the infant kept poking her tiny tongue out at everyone, suggesting that she would become troublesome in the future” says Freund. “And everyone in the room had a laugh.”

Making Faces at Mom: “I’ve had so many hilarious newborn faces from births,” says photographer Jaydene Freund. “I think this baby is thinking. ‘I haven’t even been bathed – I’m not ready to have my picture taken yet!””


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