A mother has revealed her shock at the amount of hair her three-month-old daughter had grown all over her body.


Kei’Yonna Gumbs, from Texas  City, said her daughter Myla was born with a full-head of hair and it soon grew over her arms and legs.

Little Myla, Kei’Yonna’s fourth child, has also grown sideburns,  which are jet black.

At just two months the hair began growing all over her body.

It now covers her calves and thighs, upper and forearms, it’s also all over her cheeks.

The excessive hair was something that Kei’Yonna had not experienced with the previous three children.

‘I was shocked when I noticed the hair coming in,’ she said.

‘But she’s so gorgeous that it didn’t matter, I will always love her.

‘To all the mothers out there with daughter’s like mine, embrace your baby.

‘At birth she had a lot of hair but it was straight, It didn’t start to curl up until she was around two and a half months.

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