6 Important Things New Parents Wish They’d Learned Sooner

As soon as you give birth to your little one, you feel like it is the beginning of your second life. The moment you hold him/her in your arms, you will go through a range of emotions that you might have never experienced earlier. In fact, time and again, your munchkin will continue to steal your heart.

But, there is another side to the story that no one is prepared for. With parenting comes responsibilities. And, no matter how much research and preparation you do, you will still find yourself dumbstruck at each step. Certain challenges you face while looking after your newborn might even make you feel anxious.

So, we bring you here some tips and advice that might help:


  1. Try not to put the little one to bed after they have already slept

At times, parents go out of their way to ensure that the little one is so tired that they sleep easily. But, in such a case, they might sleep even before parents put them to bed. But, it is advisable that the babies are put to sleep while they are still awake. This makes them used to the bedtime routine, which gradually teaches the infants to fall asleep without any help.


  1. Wake up your little one the right way

If for some reason, you need to wake up your newborn, don’t shake them. Even if it is a playful shake, it can result in bleeding in their brain, which can be pretty harmful. So, when you are trying to wake them up, just tickle instead. You can even blow gently on the cheeks to wake your munchkin up.


  1. Body language is everything

For example, if you find the little ones rubbing their eyes and yawning at the same time, it indicates fatigue. But, since babies cry and make a fuss when they need something, you might often find yourself misinterpreting their needs. With time, however, as the bond becomes stronger, you will develop a knack for understanding what they are trying to say.


For all human beings, the first communication that they have with the world around them is non-verbal. So, while babies will not directly ask you for a diaper change, they might communicate the same with their body language. 


  1. Look for feeding cues

Most parents constantly worry about their little ones’ well-being. This, in turn, makes them supremely concerned about whether or not they are feeding their munchkins enough.

But, it is important to know that babies do communicate in their own way about their hunger. So, if they cry for food, feed them. But, if they refuse, take the hint and stop. As long as they are meeting all the growth milestones, don’t worry about it. However, if you do notice something odd, don’t hesitate to reach out to the doctor.


  1. Oral health is important regardless of the age

Use a wet, soft gauze to clean your little one’s gums. Remember that cavities might also appear once the baby’s teeth start appearing.

Of course, newborns don’t have teeth. But, this, in no way, means that you should ignore their oral hygiene.


  1. Music might help calm down your infant

Many people claim that listening to music can help make your little one smarter.

However, chances are that this is nothing but an old wives’ tale. But, letting your infant hear music can have other benefits. It is said that music can have soothing effects on the baby and calm them down.



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